Saturday, May 02, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Republicans: Block This Corker Bill Immediately

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Republicans: Block This Corker Bill Immediately: Ace
CBS: Clinton Charity Took Secret Money From Foreign Governments: Keith Koffler
Critics Say: Ace

Progessivism: Empire of Lies: Bill Whittle
Of Course Democrats Deserve the Blame for Baltimore: David Harsanyi
Savages With Cell Phones: Sultan Knish

Mugshots of 6 Baltimore Cops Charged Ruins Liberal Race Narrative: Sooper
Prosecutor to Protesters: 'I Heard Your Calls of No Justice No Peace' : Breitbart
'Rough Rides' and the Challenges of Improving Police Culture: David A. Graham

PunditFact: A Case Study In Fact-Free Hackery: Sean Davis
Levin Blasts Bush Family: ‘Corporatist Sellouts Hellbent on Mass Immigration’: Tatler
Minnesota mosques, Muslim orgs complain about anti-terror program: Pamela Geller


Congress’s Bipartisan Obamacare Fraud: Phil Kerpen
Is There a Dime’s Worth of Difference between the Two Major Parties?: John C. Goodman
George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill: Miles Weiss

Scandal Central

Trey Gowdy: I might take Hillary Clinton’s word on emails: David Sherfinski
Obamacare Exchanges are Dysfunctional: Nate Russell
More VA cover-ups: Exam

Climate & Energy

Swiss Weekly Calls Temperature Rise A “Propaganda Trick” (Not A Trend): NoTricksZone
The Political Opportunity of a Drought: Adam Chandler
Blacks, Hispanics reject Obama climate change agenda over concerns about poor: Ben Wolfgang


Well, @gofundme just formally joined the Left side of the culture wars.: Moe Lane
Here’s what you can do about the persecution of Christians: stop being a coward: Matt Walsh
GoFundMe bans fundraising for religious business owners for refusing to cater a gay wedding: Hot Air

Clinton Non-Profit Admits Organization Is Just A ‘Pass-Through’: Sean Davis
Ta-Nehisi Coates: Nonviolence As Compliance: Instapundit
Black Twitter REALLY HATES CNN’s Don Lemon: Scoop

Leftist, Disgusted By Charlie Hebdo Defenders, Wonder If He Can Remain on the Left: Ace
Now Michael Moore likes the 2nd Amendment? I’m confused: Doug Powers
Watch this fantastic interview with both Ted Cruz and his father Rafael Cruz: Scoop


The Corker Bill Will Not Block Obama’s Iran Deal: Andrew C. McCarthy
Obama Has Given Up On Guaranteeing Free Traverse of the Seas: Ace
What Is China's Navy Doing in Mediterranean?: Noah Feldman

Ted Cruz Deemed ‘Defender of Israel’ by Shmuley Boteach: Jonathan Zalman
Thug: And Another One Bites the Dust: MOTUS
Ex-Muslim: Qur’an revealed a religion I did not like: JihadWatch

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Breakthrough: NASA Confirms Electromagnetic Drive Produces Thrust in Vacuum: SputnikNews
Teen scientist advances research on the cancer she survived: Times of Israel
People love chickens that are “vegetarian fed.” But chickens are not vegetarians.: Peter Whoriskey


Free Stuff and a Chance to Break Something: Springer's Blog
Brady, Gronk, Edelman are Derby-bound in frattiest pic ever: Mark W. Sanchez
“Driving drunk … I’ll be dead thanks to you”: Prophetic texts: Miami Herald

Image: Teen scientist advances research on the cancer she survived
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QOTD: "How can people look at the same situation and come up with entirely different conclusions? In Creativity, Inc., Pixar founder Ed Catmull highlighted research showing that only 40 percent of what we see comes from our eyes. The rest is filled in with what our brains expect to see. On the issue of minorities and police departments, the expectations are wildly different, and we’ve stopped looking more closely at the reality.

That’s why we’re likely to see more cities burning in the coming years. The tensions exist, and sooner or later a police incident will ignite the fuse. The specifics of the incident won’t matter nearly as much as the underlying anger. People will see 40 percent of the story with their eyes, and they’ll fill in the rest with what they expect to see.

The only way to avoid such a dismal outcome is to change the other 60 percent of what we “see.” Wise city leaders will get people to “see” the reality that the vast majority of both the police and the minority communities want to make things work. Only after that is a shared recognition can people begin to establish the trust needed to make the cities safer and fairer." --Scott Rasmussen

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