Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: USA Today editorial board: Man, this Clinton Foundation seems shady

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USA Today editorial board: Man, this Clinton Foundation seems shady: Ed Morrissey
The Clinton Foundation isn’t a “charity” in any normal sense of the word: Jazz Shaw
Hillary’s Armor: John Stossel

Obama DHS Assessed Terror Threat to TX Cartoon Contest as ‘UNLIKELY’: Tatler
Brave Garland Officer Advanced While Capping Garland Jihadists: Bob Owens
Pam Geller And Those Before Her: Denise Simon

Father and Son Shot Dead ‘Execution-Style’ by Black Teens in New Orleans: GWP
Canadian tourist murdered while on bucket list trip to Kentucky Derby: Daily Mail
Stand Your Ground laws under attack: RS

Mike Huckabee Enters The Contest: Erick Erickson
Ohio Gov. John Kasich helps Montana expand Obamacare: Jason Hart
Leading With the Budget: Newt Gingrich


To break the cycle of poverty in Baltimore, fix the culture of poverty: Jonah Goldberg
Feds use subprime mortgages again... and taxpayers will pay, again: Jim Quinn
Economists: H-1B visas suppress wages: Beryl Lieff Benderly, Science Careers

Scandal Central

Steyer Group Hit With FEC Complaint: Lachlan Markay
IRS Doled Out $5.6 Billion In Erroneous Stimulus Education Credits: Breitbart
I Have the Proof That Ties Obama and the Democratic Party to the IRS Scandal: Blaze

What Assata Taught Me: Michelle Malkin
Wrong people charged in Freddie Gray death: RS
The New Lynch Mob: Ben Shapiro


The Clinton Cash List of Bill Clinton’s Shady, Foreign-Financed Speeches: Joel Gehrke
‘I Can’t Understand The Things He Said': Halperin Rips Bill Clinton’s ‘Pay The Bills’ Remark: DC
Good News: Granny Clinton Launching Website to Counter Devastating ‘Clinton Cash’ Book: JWF

Washington Post "Reporter" On Garland Terror: "If the event was intended as bait, it worked.": Ace
Social Justice Warriors Chased the Social Justice Warrior Joss Whedon Off Twitter: Ace
Media Crickets: Father and Son are murdered by teens.: Scott Hounsell

Can Muslims Be American? 58% of US Muslims Say Free Speech Should Be Illegal: RWN
The GOP's Issue Advantage: Noah Rothman
Has Glenn Beck Really Soured on Ted Cruz? Uhm, No.: Erica Ritz


Islamic State details rout of Brigade 26 headquarters in Anbar: LWJ
Next round of violence will be harder on Gaza, ex-IDF chief says: Hayom
Hamas Accused of Bulldozing Salafist Mosque Amid Rising Tensions: IPT News

Remember How Before The Muhammed Cartoons Jihadists Didn’t Want Us Dead?: Dana Loesch
A Lesson For Democrats, Socialists, Liberals, Communists...: Hooben
Fascists in Kilts: Theodore Dalrymple

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text: The Intercept
Introducing the World’s Most Extravagant Submarine Superyachts: Robb Report
Hitler and generals inspecting the largest caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat, 1941: RHP


"Space To Destroy"...For Now: Springer
Armenia: MagFarm
Triumph Reveals Brian Williams Jokes the Today Show Wouldn’t Let Him Tell: Mediaite

Image: Islamic State details rout of Brigade 26 headquarters in Anbar
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QOTD: "Both in Gaza and in Lebanon, the enemy operates from within civilian populations. They turn entire villages into rocket launching sites. Their guest rooms are made into explosives warehouses. Don't tell me it's a kindergarten when I know it's a rocket warehouse. Don't tell me it's a mosque when I know it's a rocket warehouse.

I don't know of one synagogue in Israel where terrorists meet, or rockets, missiles, and munitions are stored. They don't have swimming pools -- they have missile pools." --Former IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz

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