Sunday, May 05, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Administration's Benghazi Lies Exposed as State Department Cover-Up

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Obama Administration's Benghazi Lies Exposed as Flat Out Cover-Up: RSM
I am Number 421,721: Shenandoah
Jeanine Pirro Goes Nuclear, Eviscerates Obama and the Left on Guns: MagNote

Saul Alinsky and the Gang of Eight: NoisyRm
Freedom Or Socialism? The Choice Is Still Ours: Western
Bomber's Wife's Laptop, Home Show Evidence of Her Involvement: DailyMail

Fact Checkers Rip OFA For Perpetrating “Hoax” Video Against Congress: WZ
BENGHAZI: Names of ‘whistleblower’ witnesses revealed: Fox
The Full Benghazi Timeline: Conservatory

Career Of Decorated Army Officer Who Taught of Radical Islam Crushed: Jawa
CO State Senator Owen Hill: American Badass: GayPatriot
One Day In Gun-Free Chicago: 20 People Shot, 3 Killed: WZ


Planned Parenthood Educational Material for Children: MB (NSFW)
Cognitive Ability and Employment in the 21st Century: Ace
Obama Says No Compromise On Amnesty: WZ

ObamaCare Is Blocking Job Creation, Economic Growth: IBD
Circle K Shifts Workers to Part-Time, Blames Obamacare: WFB
States: 'Blindsided' by Obamacare's shift of 'uninsurable' costs to them: Fox

Scandal Central

Vitter: “Red Flags” in Immigration Bill, Including Unprecendented Power Of DHS Head: WZ
Whoa: One Of The Benghazi Whisteblowers Was The Number 2 Official at Tripoli Embassy on Night Of Attack: Ace
Whistleblower Lawyer: ARB's Gen Pickering 'Became Physically Ill' At Thought of Dealing With Hillary: Breitbart

Obama in Mexico: Most of the guns used to commit violence here come from the United States: Malkin
Bill allows for $150M in grants to sign up illegal immigrants to become citizens: Fox
FLASHBACK: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations: CBS (2011)

Climate & Energy

Warmists Decide “Settled Science” Means They Should Burn Books: Cove
No Money for Air Traffic Controllers, But EPA to grant $569 million for New York, New Jersey water: UPI
The EPA Opens a New Review of Handsoap: HuffPo


Mark Levin Addresses NRA Convention in Houston: Townhall
NRA president: Obama ‘motivated by revenge’: DC
Allen West Teaches Obama What Courage Is (It’s Not Announcing You’re Gay): Blaze

Bolton stunned at whistleblower ‘positions’, says Benghazi hearings could be very dramatic: Nice Deb
The Gosnell of Michigan, and other This Week (Not) in the News: Ace
MSNBC forced to apologize after being busted for misleading video edits: Blaze

More Evil Than Nazi Germany: RWN
National Journal’s Report on Missing Workers Misstates History of Labor Force Participation Decline: BizzyBlog
Obama Quotes Octavio Paz: “US Protector of Tyrants – Ally of Enemies of Democracy”: MagNote


Assad "to declare war" on Israel following fresh airstrikes: Commentator
Israel launches second airstrike in Syria, targeting weapons shipment: WaPo
Breaking: BWAHAHAHAHA! Syrians caught painting old MiG with Israeli markings: Matzav

Obama to Mexico: A lot of the guns here came from us: Hot Air
Mexicans Have No Idea What Mexico POTUS Was Talking About: NRO
CFR, Brookings Celebrate Obama “Lovefest” for International Criminal Court: NewAm

Venezuela: 50 shades of crazy: Fausta
20 dead in Muslim attack on Christian funeral: Commentator
Time to Derail the Saudi “Visa Express”: CSP

Sci-Tech (courtesy

The printable gun has arrived: Hot Air
Syrian Electronic Army hack of E!Online Twitter account nothing to laugh about: LI
ORBX streaming tech could revolutionize computing: CNet


"Progressive" Origins: RWN
Miss Lube Rack of 1959: Snopes
Let's put an end to these border crossings: MOTUS

Image: Allen West Teaches Obama What Courage Is (It’s Not Announcing You’re Gay)
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Oath Keepers

QOTD: "...because each of you spoke out and because millions of Americans spoke out two weeks ago, when those proposals came to a vote every amendment that would have violated our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms was voted down.

The fight is not over. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have come out and said they intend to come back at it…I would like to invite the Vice President to engage in an hour long conversation and debate about how we stop crime. If Vice President Biden really believes the facts are on his side and this is not an exercise in political power, I would think he would welcome the opportunity to talk about the sources of violent crime and how we can do everything we can to stop it..." --Sen. Ted Cruz

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