Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Obama summons Ezra Klein, Josh Marshall for private confab Tuesday, both echo same IRS "solution" today

Imagine the coincidence. Yesterday, DNC sock-puppets Ezra Klein and Josh Marshall were summoned to the White House for an emergency propaganda press briefing.

And today -- wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles -- both are singing from the same hymnal.

Marshall and Klein have portrayed all the scandals as faux scandals. Ezra Klein notoriously predicted -- wishcast, actually -- last week that the wheels were coming off the scandal wagon and that everyone would see how silly all of this is.

But today, they sing a different tune:

Both of those tweets argue that Lerner should be fired.

I imagine they're arguing for this because Obama has already decided to fire her.

Thus, they put out a Possible Solution Which Will Completely Solve This Whole Scandal-Business, Obama implements this Solution, and then there's no more scandal!

What I glean from this is that the previous White House position -- nothing more needs be done, this is all a "partisan fishing expedition" -- is now inoperative, and a new defense -- fire Lois Lerner and then claim that nothing more needs be done, this is all now just a partisan fishing expedition, again -- is now in effect.

Even more startling, other hacks journalists suddenly have the very same opinion! It's like ESP, only with Leftists! Take Joan Walsh at Salon (please!) who notes, "Why Lerner still has a job is the biggest mystery in this entirely mysterious story."

Amazing: the White House summons its media toadies -- the very same Leftists who used to coordinate media talking points on the infamous Journolist, in fact -- and *voila!* like magic the Washington Post and other DNC press release outlets are magically in synch with the Obama administration.

Somewhere, Julius Streicher is smiling.

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