Friday, May 10, 2013

Ted Cruz has 12 Questions for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton #Benghazi

The masterful Ted Cruz has some questions for the Obama administration:

• Why was the State Department unwilling to provide the requested level of security to Benghazi?

• Were there really no military assets available to provide relief during the seven hours of the attacks? If so, why not? During the attacks, were any military assets ordered to stand down?

• If the Secretary of Defense thought there was “no question” this was a coordinated terrorist attack, why did Ambassador Susan Rice, Secretary Clinton, and President Obama all tell the American people that the cause was a “spontaneous demonstration” about an Internet video?

• Why did the State Department and/or the White House edit the intelligence talking points to delete the references to “Islamic extremists” and “al Qa’ida”?

• Why did the FBI release pictures of militants taken the day of the attack only eight months after the fact? Why not immediately, as proved so effective in the Boston bombing?

• Why have none of the survivors testified to Congress?

• Why is the administration apparently unaware of the whistle-blowers who have been attempting to tell their stories? Is it true that these career civil servants have been threatened with retaliation?

• Did President Obama sleep the night of September 11, 2012? Did Secretary Clinton?

• When was President Obama told about the murder of our ambassador? About the murder of all four Americans? What did he do in response?

• What role, if any, did the State Department’s own counterterrorism office play during the attacks and in their immediate aftermath?

• Why was Secretary Clinton not interviewed for the ARB report?

• And why, if all relevant questions were answered in the ARB report, has the State Department’s own inspector-general office opened a probe into the methods of that very report?

Oh, and let's add another one: what games were on ESPN the night of 9/11/2012? Just wondering.

ACTION: Call John Boehner Now: We Demand a Select Committee on Benghazi.


Brian said...

These scumbags will never be brought to justice. Their actions are shameful yet they feel no shame.

That's how sociopaths behave. They know no shame.

playertwo said...

and why was romney such a pussy and not call him and his bit out about this when he had the chance to be a man and defeat him?

Anonymous said...

Here's a big one:

Obama, on national TV, told the American people that he immediately ordered all possible assistance. Paraphrasing.

Yet we now know that the only orders received by anyone able to provide assistance was to 'stand down', orders that could only have come from Obama.

This is a provable lie. If he actually gave orders, there'd be a paper trail. Who did he give orders to, and to do what? There's zero chance any such orders were simply ignored by anyone receiving them. The simple fact is: he didn't order anyone to do anything. Then lied about it, repeatedly, on national TV.

As I recall, one of these huge lies was during a debate v Romney.