Thursday, May 16, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Cincinnati IRS workers say that they were just doing what their bosses ordered

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Cincinnati IRS workers: we were just doing what the bosses ordered: Scoop
IRS Chief Blames Two “Rogue” Agents In Cincinnati Office: WZ
10 of 12 IRS offices implicated in scandal are in Washington: Exam

Whoa: Administration Got Congressional Phone Records?: Greenroom
Soros Gave $6M to Groups Pressuring IRS to Target GOP: CNS
Remember when Soros goons threatened GOP donors?: Malkin

White House, IRS showed sudden interest in us in December: Watchdog
The Big Question: Is the White House Linked to IRS Abuses?: Dossier
What we know Obama doesn't know grows daily: Malcolm

The critical need for a Select Committee on Benghazi: Kuznicki
Obama's Scandals Stem from His Lawless Presidency: IBD
The IRS Wants to Know If You’re a “Patriot”: Foundry


Federal Government Feeding From the Trough on Student Loans: NakedDC
Scenes from the Ongoing Economic Collapse: ZH
Eurocrats fear Britain will provoke referendum domino effect: Commentator

‘Private Citizen’ Sebelius Solicits Obamacare ‘Donations’: WS
Lois Lerner’s name on IRS letter to conservative group: Scoop
IRS Commissioner Knew About Targeting … A Year Ago: Tatler

Scandal Central

Chilling: IRS reportedly demanded list of high school and college students from conservative group: Twitchy
Report: IRS accessed health records of 10 million Americans without authorization: BluegrassPundit
Emily Miller uncovers D.C. AG “dirty tricks” in withholding David Gregory docs: LI

Did the White House Try to Get a Conservative Columnist Canned?: Tatler
Louie Gohmert Interrogates Eric Holder over Boston: Cahnman
Holder Caught Lying -- Again: Atlas


Here’s That ‘Dynamic Scoring’ You Asked For, Senator: Coulter
AP Phone Records Furor Breaks 335 Days of Silence on Obama Leak Scandal: MRC
10 Fantastic Memes On The Press’s Sudden Awakening To The Obama White House Scandals: AllAm

Is the National Narrative On Obama Collapsing?: Ace
MEDIA MATTERS: If the DOJ is investigating you, you probably deserve it, you hacks.: Instapundit
"Media Matters Action Network," Media Matters' Activist 501(c)4 "Educational or Social Charity," S***s the Bed: Ace

"Fired" Acting IRS Commissioner Was Set To Resign... in June: Ace
ABC News: Someone In White House Authorized IRS?: WZ
CBS’ Attkisson: ‘There Hasn’t Been an Appetite for the Stories I’ve Offered on Benghazi’: MediaBistro


Seven Muslims Caught Trespassing After Midnight at Boston's Quabbin Reservoir: Atlas
Dick Cheney Hammers Obama On Benghazi: Subpoena Hillary Clinton “If Necessary”: RWN
Why Obama Didn’t Send in the Troops: Morris

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Amazon Introduces Amazon Coins -- Virtual Currency for Buying Apps and Games: ABC
The New Yorker launches Strongbox, an anonymous inbox developed by Aaron Swartz: Verge
Innovation Challenge: Your Market is Never Stable: InnovExc


Hi, I’m From the IRS, and I Don’t Know Anything Either.: MOTUS
An Interview With Barack Obama About The IRS Scandal, AP Phone Records And Benghazi: Economic Collapse
Homemade Glock: Every Day No Days Off

Image: REPORT: Four Cincinnati IRS workers claim they were just doing what their bosses ordered
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QOTD: "The entire construct of this government is because of their fear of tyranny. The entire United States Constitution is based upon a fear of government tyranny. The US Constitution limiting the role of government in the life of the individual. And there's Obama at the Ohio State University commencement talking about the joys of big government, now so big he can't control it, mocking right-wingers for paranoid suspicions about tyranny.

You know, folks, all these Obama scandals, keep them in mind the next time that you hear Barack and Michelle Obama lecturing audiences about how important it is for people to get involved in grassroots politics. Don't they do that a lot? They do. Michelle's constantly out urging people to get involved. Grassroots level. That's where it happens. That's what makes it happen. That's where people have to do the hard work, getting involved at the precinct level, getting involved at your local community, getting involved. Grassroots politics. And that's all these Tea Party groups are trying to do. That's all they wanted to do was make their voices heard.

The Tea Party groups are trying to get involved in the process. The Obama administration did everything in their power to shut 'em out. The Obama administration is using the massive power, the intimidating power, the real power of the Internal Revenue Service to shut people out of the grassroots area of politics, to intimidate people on the right into not even getting involved. The Obama administration did everything it could using the powers, not just of the IRS, but also the EPA, to literally intimidate conservatives from getting involved in politics at the grassroots level." --Rush Limbaugh

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Anonymous said...

NRO - Nine Lies of Lois Lerner:

She didn't come clean; she just spread more Obamanure.