Sunday, May 19, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Senator Ted Cruz leads call to abolish IRS in wake of its targeting scandal

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Sen. Ted Cruz leads call to abolish IRS in wake of targeting scandal: Twitchy
Obama and the ‘Official Truth’: Glick
Jack Lew learned of IRS probe in March: Politico

The Most-Corrupt Administration Ever?: Denninger
IRS accused of hiding existence of Tea Party targeting documents: WFB
Camp: IRS ‘Arrogance’ Came Across at Hearing: WFB

Obama Administration Talking Points Scrubbed "Jihadists": Power Line
Rep. Issa subpoenas Benghazi auditor Thomas Pickering: Hill
What did Hilary and Obama discuss at 10pm on 9/11/2012?: TAB

IRS Chief Apparently Lied During Testimony Yesterday: WZ
Friday Obama dump … “Me demand more taxes”: PW
Gang of Eight: Never Have So Few Told So Many Lies: RWN


Lew asks Congress for debt increase, says it’s 'not open to debate': Hill
Fifth IRS Agent In Cincinnati Office Tied To Tea Party Scandal: WZ
HHS: We Need Money To Implement Obamacare: RWN

Scandal Central

Highlights of Friday's IRS Hearing: Power Line
Obamacare Donor-Gate Scandal Looming Over White House: Shark Tank
Is the IRS scandal the worst political scandal in American history? I say “yes.”: Bookworm Room

Climate & Energy

EPA inspector general to look into FOIA scandal: DC
Three Cheers For Tesla: Power Line
Republicans see IRS scandal parallel in EPA info requests: Reuters


Benghazi and Other ‘Concocted’ Scandals: RSM
NYT's Peters 'Cleans Up' Jonathan Weisman's Original Report on Friday's IRS Scandal Hearing: NB
Joe Scarborough, Piers Morgan: Obama Scandals Prove Gun Advocates Aren't Crazy: Breitbart

WaPo Mocks IRS With Tea Party Tax-exempt Form Demands: Produce a 'Non-Blurry Photo of a Yeti': NB
Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS the Obama administration in another fantastic monologue: Scoop
Totalitarian Subversion- Can we Awaken from the Nightmare?: Loyal to Liberty


Did Huma Abedin ‘quietly’ step down as Deputy Chief of Staff in same month Bachmann letter sent to IG?: Shoebat
Obama Administration to Sign U.N. Arms Trade Treaty "In the Very Near Future": NRA-ILA
Biden Now Blamed in SEAL Team 6 Deaths: WND

Terrorists given new identities allowed to board commercial flights, watchdog finds: WaPo
Report: Syria prepared to fire missiles at Tel Aviv: ynet
Obama War Powers Under 2001 Law ‘Astoundingly Disturbing,’ Senators Say: NoisyRm

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Military 3-D Printers: Wired
Meet the career con man who pulled off a federal sting that forced Google to pay $500 million.: Wired
Google App Engine finally supports PHP, the language that runs 75% of the web: VenBeat


Addition in the Age of Obama (subtraction, not so much): MOTUS
The Republican Party’s History On Race: RWN

Image: Addition in the Age of Obama (subtraction, not so much)
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QOTD: "The absolute worst scandal that’s emerged lately, and the worst administration scandal in American history is the IRS scandal. Why? Because you, the People, became the targets of a comprehensive federal government effort to stifle dissent, one made using the government’s overwhelming and disproportionate policing and taxing powers.

All of the other scandals, going back to Andrew Johnson’s post-Civil War scandals, Warren G. Harding’s 1920s Teapot Dome scandal, Nixon’s Watergate, Reagan’s Iran-Contra, and Clinton’s Oval Office sexcapades have actually been narrowly focused acts of cronyism, garden-variety political chicanery, or personal failings. It’s been insider stuff.

The IRS scandal, by contrast, is a direct attack on the American people." --Bookworm Room

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