Friday, May 31, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Benghazi Is A Crime More Evil Than Anything A President Has Done In Our Lifetimes

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Benghazi: More Evil Than Anything a President Has Done In Our Lifetimes: PJM
Free food stamps, meds, housing, and retirement income -- for illegals: GWP
Did Eric Holder Also Lie... to a Judge?: Ace

Ted Cruz Blasts Holder On Megyn Kelly, Says He Should Resign: Nice Deb
IRS Special Prosecutor: Good Idea or Bad?: Ricochet
Off-the-Record, Holder Tells Press We Won’t Spy on You Anymore: Blaze

What Obama Didn’t Mention in Counterterror Speech: PJM
Obama Supporter Guilty Of Multiple Counts Of Voter Fraud In Ohio: RWN
Democrat Karen Carter Peterson: Opposing Obamacare is Racist: Hannity


Consumers Set to Repeal a Big Part of ObamaCare: Rasmussen
Rahm Emanuel's Chicago: An Explosion of Muslim Beggars: HillBuzz
HHS finalizes wellness rules under healthcare law: Hill

Student Loan Money is Being Siphoned Off Into Obamacare: RWN
Michelle Hobnobs with the Fashion Elite: Dossier
ECB Warns Calm Before Storm Ending: ZH

Scandal Central

IRS’s Shulman visited White House far more than any Cabinet member: DC
Florida: Court Officer Deleted Messages and Photos of Guns, Drugs From Trayvon Martin’s Phone: WZ
Sorry? Is a US report recommending ransomware to target copyright thieves?: Sophos

Four Chicago Gun Deaths While Obama Advocates for Gay Marriage at Swanky $50,000 Donor Dinner: Sooper
Philly Activists Arrested and Cuffed at Independence Hall for Handing Out Fliers: GWP
Full Dimensions of IRS Scandal Emerge: RCP


Even NBC Bails on Holder's Secret Spin Session: Ace
Behind the Scandalabra: NakedDC
Student Suspended For Toy Gun The Size Of A Quarter: Tatler

On the retirement of the media face of the GOP: GayPatriot
MSNBC Commentator: Eric Holder is the “Moses of our time”: Scoop
Intellectual Dishonesty and Insanity on Steroids: Mish


Calls for Syria Involvement Increase, McCain Accidentally Meets With Terrorist, Russia Ups Support For Assad: Ace
Yemeni Journalist: Upcoming Issue Of Inspire Magazine Deals With Boston Bombing: MEMRI
Obama FBI leaking information to terror-linked CAIR?: Creeping

The Obama/IRS Islamic Terror Connection: Scoop
Britain's Islamic Future: Gatestone
A sequestration sequel: DoD orders military to brace for bigger '14 cut: ArmyTimes


Gmail’s New Inbox: Another Way to Auto-Organize Your Messages: Techland
Why GMO Myths Are So Appealing and Powerful: Discover
MSFT once again fails to understand that, when it comes to tablets, Windows isn't a feature - It's a liability: iMore


No, Not Here - Over There: Lady M’s Got Veggies! Shiny!: MOTUS
Major Announcement! Obama Fraud Case - Breaking! : Western

Image: NakedDC: Behind the Scandalabra
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QOTD: "Now Eric Holder wants to chat with Washington-bureau chiefs to smooth everything out. You see, his aides have been telling the Daily Beast that he's been feeling a "creeping sense of personal remorse."

Holder wants to discuss this mess and his views on snooping on the press . . . off the record, of course...

...Now, the problem is not off-the-record talks per se; the problem is that Holder has some sort of argument that he wants to make to the reporters that he doesn't want to share with the public at large. He wants to assure them of his respect for their "unfettered" ability to report the news, in a meeting in which they cannot report on anything he says or does. Mind you , he's been caught setting the table for a future prosecution of a reporter for publishing classified information and perhaps committing perjury before Congress, testifying on May 15 that prosecuting a reporter is "not something I've ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy." Of course, subsequent revelations about the Rosen case appear to be a blatant contradiction of that testimony. Now Holder wants to get the press to take it easy on him, and he doesn't want his arguments quoted in the papers." --Jim Geraghty

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