Thursday, May 23, 2013

NEW HERITAGE INFOGRAPHIC: The Gang of Eight's Amnesty Scam

While the country focuses on an endless series of scandals emanating from the Executive Branch, the Senate is quietly preparing to vote on the Gang of Eight's Amnesty bill.

...It will go to the Senate floor after the Memorial Day recess. Heritage has pointed out the problems with this “comprehensive” approach — including the staggering costs of amnesty and a failure to secure the border.

This bill would be an unmitigated economic disaster. As the brilliant Milton Friedman said long ago, "open borders are incompatible with a welfare state."

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K-Bob said...

The entire healthcare debacle was based on a lie. Namely that healthcare costs were skyrocketing because of some non-comprehendable problem having to do with profits. Further, "something must be done right now!" (tm)

It turns out that the reason healthcare costs kept going up is BECAUSE WE WILL PAY THEM. Everyone but the depressed wants to live forever, and look fabulous while doing it. But nobody is pressing for the government to take over the fashion industry, even if two ounces of sheer fabric will sell for a thousand dollars if it has a designer's name on it.

This push to DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW regarding the Illegal Alien problem is absolutely fraudulent. It took forty years to get this bad, it doesn't have to be fixed tomorrow.

If we do two or three simple things now, as Heritage points out, it will reduce the problem, and pay dividends over time.

We need a major penalty for legislators that produce these massive, omnibus bills.