Thursday, May 30, 2013

OH, MY: Former New York Times General Counsel and Vice Chairman Eviscerates Obama Administration and Holder DOJ

This is mostly a blatant ripoff of a post at Ace o' Spades (and I used italics to class up the joint, plus I feel bad about the blatant ripoff). In a nutshell, the The New York Times' legendary legal expert and "the father of reporters' privilege" -- James Goodale -- just crushed the ongoing Obama-Holder free speech debacle.

RT: You’ve been called the father of reporters’ privileges. What do you see as the current threats to press freedom in the United States?
JG: It, frankly, is President Obama and Rosengate because this is the first time the – I hate to use the term ‘Espionage Act,’ we’ll say national security act for your viewers – has been used to get reporters.

I mean, that really is frightening because it’s usually used to get leakers. Rosen is a leakee, to use legal phraseology. If the Obama administration, or at least his Justice Department, thinks they can use criminal laws to get journalists because they’re co-conspirators, honestly that is one of the worst things I’ve come across in all the years I’ve been doing this.

Read the following sentence with your best John McClane imitation.

Welcome to the party, pal.

3 comments: said...

The NY Times bozos will whine for a while, then fall back into their corruption as soon as they get invited to some Hollywood idiot's party.

We cannot rely on the NY Times for anything, let alone as a litmus test for national sanity. We have to take the fight to Obama. If the NY Times wants to join in, great. If not, they've always been part of the problem, so nothing has changed.

But we had better take the fight to Obama, or have our faces metaphorically sat on my likes of Michelle Obama.

directorblue said...

Argh... last sentence... argh... what is seen in the mind's eye cannot be unseen...

oh, the humanity.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh PLEASE, I just made a bowl of oats for breakfast and that metaphor totally put me off eating it. If I ever get my morning appetite back for breakfast I guess I'll just have to reheat in the microwave.
But I'm NOT holding my breath (another metaphor).