Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PHOTOS: The Dirty Little Secrets of #BlogCon2013

I can't disclose sources or methods, but our enterprising cub reporter Biff Spackle apparently infiltrated the right-wing extremist conference known as BlogCon2013. Before being discovered and kicked out of the confab (and then audited by the IRS), Spackle was able to snap the following photos*. And he discovered some of the dirty little secrets of BlogCon.

A Panel on real-time reporting
The view from the panel
Nice Deb and Liberty Speaks
Heading to Gilley's for an, uhm, important, serious, eh, meeting
Dirty little secret of BlogCon #1: Third-tier bloggers get surprise wedgies
Lady Liberty, Liberty Speaks, Sarah Rumpf, and Nice Deb pose with the Dallas Skyline
The talented Andrew Lawton with his stunning accompanist
Dirty little secret of BlogCon #2: Nice Deb ain't always nice
Lady Liberty critically injures an innocent blogger
As does Sarah Rumpf
The All-American Blogger and Friend
On the set with Glenn Beck
Secret Service
Nice Deb takes out Secret Service
"It's a bit creepy how much looks like a president"
Zanotti, Loesch, Brodigan, Rumpf discuss... something
Filming begins for the Hangover 7 with Brodigan
News Ninja with Glenn Beck
The amazing Andrew Malcolm (center) of Investors Business Daily is in the audience
Beck discusses the IRS scandal with two Tea Party executives
Wish you were hear, homies

Hats off to Kristina Ribali and the entire FreedomWorks team for an outstanding, timely and impeccably organized conference.

*Note: We have discovered that Spackle may have ripped off some photos from one or more of the following Twitter feeds: @JonSeidl, @ChadKentSpeaks, @MissRuth1021, @Loud_Talker, @GOPrincess, and @DeeInHouston. Please file any trademark or copyright violation notices with the management.

Update: @AndrewLawton sends over the following:

Straight out of Benihana
Salivary glands kicking in...
For the love of...
She looks a hell of a lot better than Lawton in that hat...
Andrew and Kristina
Sarah and Andrew
Warming up
Stacy on the Right with @AndrewLawton
No evening complete without the obligatory wedgie from Stacy on the Right.

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TheFineReport.com said...

Now why didn't we get an invitations?

K-Bob said...

I question the timing