Tuesday, October 04, 2016

CLINTON STAFF PANICS: Hospital Gurney Spotted Backstage at Campaign Event as Hillary Health Concerns Multiply

Reporter Millie Weaver was observing one of the exits at a Hillary Clinton rally when she spotted a group of EMS workers hauling a gurney to the door.

Moments later, a panicked Clinton staffer (wearing the All Access pass) and began taking pictures of Weaver.

Moments later, one EMS technician came out of the exit looking quite stressed.

At the event, Hillary was once again able to navigate the stairs with all the agility of Peter Pan.

Only one word comes to mind: comforting.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


commoncents said...

The Vice-Presidential Debate - LIVE Tuesday, October 4, 2016 9 PM EST


Matthew W said...

NO NO NO !!!
You have it all wrong.
There is so much excitement about Hillary's campaign that the EMS is there for the attendees.

Doom said...

I am honestly surprised they haven't forced Hillary out, one way or the other. She works for some nasty people, nastier even than her and Bill. Perhaps they think if they wait longer, they can force stall the election, or just end them. Or maybe they think they'll have a better chance of shoving a sure bet in a bit later. Either way, I can't see them letting her continue. At some point, they'll put the mad cow down. One way or another.

Deserttrek said...

a big SO WHAT! get a grip on reality . crush her and the rest of her ilk at the ballot box and everywhere else we can

this is a side issue of no importance until we see her strapped to it with a mask oxygen and an IV