Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Wikileaks Bombshell You Never Heard About; Poll Fraud: Now Even the Polls Are Corrupt

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The Wikileaks Bombshell You Never Heard About: InfoWars
Poll Fraud: Now Even the Polls Are Corrupt: Market Ticker
Podesta 2015 Email: Hillary ‘Has Begun to Hate Everyday Americans’: JWF

Haitians Rally Around Trump Fearing More Clinton Foundation Scams : LibertyNews
Hillary Campaigning With Another Sexual Predator: Al Gore and His Chakra: Jeff Dunetz
You'd Better Steel Your Spines, Folks -- Because I've Never Seen It Like This: EIB

A Constitutional Right to Literacy: Walter Williams
Federal Judge Sees Little Value in Studying Constitution in Law School: Steve Byas
Paul Ryan: Profiles in Cowardice: Charles P. Pierce, Esquire

Leaked Emails Show Clinton Camp Mocking Catholics: Ashley Rae Goldenberg
Wikileaks: Hillary Told When to SMILE During Interviews: RWN
Largest Vote Fraud Investigation in TX History Underway in Tarrant County: TX Scorecard


New studies: Trump promising $6.2 trillion tax cut, Clinton $1.4 trillion hike: Joseph Lawler
Study: Obamacare Penalizes Americans Who Work Full-time: Penny Starr
Savagery and Murder: An Epidemic of Black Violence Against Elderly Whites: Jack Kerwick

Scandal Central

Leaked Email Reveals Potential Collusion Between State Department And Clinton Campaign: Instapundit
WikiLeaks Bombshell: Citigroup Had Major Role in Shaping and Staffing Obama’s First Term: WSOP
Rio Grande Valley Corruption Update for October 2016: BattleSwarm

James Comey and Loretta Lynch Should Be Impeached for Whitewashing Clinton’s Crimes: Sidney Powell
FBI Director James Comey Has To Go: ACLJ
The fact-checkers keep destroying fact-checking: Tim Carney

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Rush Points Out Glaring Omission in Clinton Campaign Emails Released by WikiLeaks: JackColeman


Why Did NBC News Sit on the Trump Tape for So Long?: Jack Shafer
Paula Jones Slams Joy Behar For Calling Her Bill’s ‘Tramp’: ‘Was Bill The Victim When Monica Sucked It?: RWN
Hot Mic Catches Reuters Ordering Cameraman To Cut Feed For Pastor’s Trump Blessing: Tammy Bruce


Refugees or an Occupation Army?: Maria Polizoidou
USS Mason Fired 3 Missiles to Defend From Yemen Cruise Missiles Attack: Sam LaGrone
Russia Outlines New Wartime Regime: Moscow Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook ‘corporate fascism’ exposed in shocking testimony from former employee: The Sun
Self-Driving Mercedes Will Prioritize Occupant Safety over Pedestrians: Michael Taylor
NSA could put undetectable “trapdoors” in millions of crypto keys: Dan Goodin


Look at the Eyes: Springer's Blog
Pledge: I Will Donate To Charity For Every Buffalo Bills’ Sack Of Colin Kaepernick!: Sooper
Sure Doesn’t Seem Like 41 Years: MOTUS

Image: Sure Doesn’t Seem Like 41 Years
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QOTD: "Say, speaking of global warming and climate change, you know in all these emails that WikiLeaks is dumping, I haven't found any on climate change. We got emails from Hillary to her campaign staff and her campaign staff to Hillary, we have emails from donors, we've got thousands and thousands of emails here that have been leaked and dumped, and I can't find any reference to climate change.

Now, the reason I find that fascinating 'cause it's their number one issue. You know, Obama's out there saying it's the number one national security threat and he's got his Joint Chiefs of Staff out there planning American battles, military engagements on that basis, we are forward planning and strategic on what the planet will look like with climate change as we decide to go into various areas of the world if we have to. I mean, I know it's absurd but they're out saying so. And Hillary, big, big deal about climate change and yet I can't find them talking about it. I can find them strategizing about any number of things in these WikiLeaks email dumps, but there's not a thread on climate change whatsoever. Now why is that?

I mean, if climate change were that big a deal to these people, don't you think they'd be talking about it internally? Strategizing, how to use it, how to promote it, how to use it as a campaign aid. I can't find any reference to it. And I'm not surprised by it. The whole thing is bogus and made up, designed like they always do to scare you." --Rush Limbaugh

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