Friday, October 07, 2016


By Bill Whittle

HILLARY CLINTON: I have put forth a plan to defeat ISIS. Our military is assisting in Iraq. And we're hoping that within the year we'll be able to push ISIS out of Iraq and then, you know, really squeeze them in Syria.

Hillary, while you continue to “hope” to “squeeze them” in Syria, ISIS is busy murdering people in Paris and Brussels and at home here in Orlando and San Bernardino and almost every week now innocent people are dying because of you.

YOU created ISIS, you and Barack Obama. When Obama took office, Iraq had been stabilized and there had not been a single American killed in Iraq in five months.

You, as Secretary of State, were unable or more likely unwilling to conclude a simple Status of Forces Agreement in Iraq. I say unwilling because we have damn near a hundred of them with countries all around the world.

However, you and the President announced we would be leaving the Iraqis all alone, and within a very short period the defeated, scattered remnants of AQI – al-Qaeda in Iraq – formed ISIS. You could have stopped them at any time but you didn’t because you couldn’t face the political humiliation of putting boots back on the ground in Iraq after you took credit for pulling them out. And they grew, and grew and grew and grew – because you CREATED them by not leaving troops in Iraq. We’ve had US troops stationed in Europe for SIXTY years and in Korea for a little over FIFTY YEARS and you refused to do it for five.

You launched an unauthorized war in Libya. You’ve armed – and have had America fly air cover for – AL QAEDA. You may remember them from their appearance fifteen years ago in lower New York. Your husband, by the way, had at least one chance to kill Osama bin Laden years before that attack, but declined on the advice of White House lawyers.

Under your direction, the State Department has become so incompetent that when you first met the Russian ambassador, you gave him a toy box with a big red button marked ‘”RESET.” Only it didn’t say RESET because you and your State Department were so arrogant and uninformed that you could not correctly translate ONE RUSSIAN WORD in front of the entire world in order make a bad joke.

Everything you have touched overseas has turned into a disaster and given what you have said so far tonight it seems pretty clear that you were given the chance, the same catastrophes would occur here at home.

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Eskyman said...

Very well said Mr. Whittle!