Sunday, October 02, 2016

Left-wing hoax site Snopes lies again for the Clintons as even Charity Navigator is trapped in their web of corruption

Yeah, Trump's tax returns are a thing:

Oh, and then I received this reminder:

Yet, the bogus "myth-busting" site known as Snopes is covering for the Clintons once again, claiming that the Clinton Foundation is all above board and that Hillary's write-offs are no big deal.

They use the newly revamped assessment of Charity Navigator, a once legitimate watchdog of charitable non-profits, that has altered its assessment of the Clinton Foundation a full 180 degrees.

As famed DC reporter Mark Tapscott observes:

A non-profit group that has received favors from the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), including a free membership that entitled its officials to rub elbows with world leaders, issued its top rating Thursday for the Clinton Foundation.

Charity Navigator awarded the Clinton Foundation four-stars based on an rating algorithm that scored the controversial non-profit with a 97.5 on financial issues and 93 on accountability and transparency. The new rating represented a boost for the foundation, as Charity Navigator had previously put it on its watch list due to concerns about its finances and transparency.

Forensic accounting expert Charles Ortel has conduncted an exhaustive review of the Clinton Global Graft Initiative. His findings, in summary, are stark:

...the Clinton Foundation appears to be a rogue charity that has neither been organized nor operated lawfully from inception in October 1997 to date--as you will grow to realize, it is a case study in international charity fraud, of mammoth proportions.

In particular, the Clinton Foundation has never been validly authorized to pursue tax-exempt purposes other than as a presidential archive and research facility based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Moreover, its operations have never been controlled by independent trustees and its financial results have never been properly audited by independent accountants...

At this point, Snopes should just syndicate content from Media Matters, because it now has all the credibility of that Soros-funded propaganda mill.

And Charity Navigator needs to bone up on Charles Ortel's work before they fall any further into the cesspool of Clinton corruptoin.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

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Kaptain Krude said...

Someone should start documenting all of these lies that Snopes has been caught in and posting them.