Monday, October 17, 2016

FBI DOCUMENTS: Hillary So Vile and Ill-Tempered That Security Agents Didn't Want to Protect Her

By Blake Neff

Department of State security officers found then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so unpleasant they refused to work on her security detail, a former agent claims in newly-released FBI documents.

The FBI Monday released 100 pages of documents relating to its investigation of Clinton’s private email server. The documents incorporate summaries of several interviews the FBI conducted, including one with a woman who served as an agent with the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) during Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

During her interview, the agent said Clinton treated agents rudely and with contempt, and was so unpleasant that senior agents typically avoided being on her security detail.

“[Redacted] explained that CLINTON’s treatment of DS agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere,” the interview summary says. “Prior to CLINTON’s tenure, being an agent on the Secretary of State’s protective detail was seen as an honor and privilege reserved for senior agents. However, by the end of CLINTON’s tenure, it was staffed largely with new agents because it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her.”

The agent added that she had spoken to several Secret Service agents who reported similar poor treatment from Clinton.

The agent’s claim about awful treatment from Clinton is backed up by some claims from ex-Secret Service agents. Author Ronald Kessler has written several books about the Secret Service, and claims about Clinton treating agents nastily in private are numerous (Bill and Chelsea Clinton, on the other hand, are described positively).

According to the agent, Clinton didn’t just treat agents poorly. She reportedly disrespected U.S. ambassadors with her routine breaches of diplomatic protocol.

“From her own experience, and information obtained through [redacted] and other agents, [redacted] described a ‘stark difference’ between [Condoleezza] RICE and CLINTON with regard to obedience to security and diplomatic protocols,” the summary says. “RICE observed strict adherence to State Department security and diplomatic protocols while CLINTON frequently and ‘blatantly’ disregarded them.”

The agent said that it is standard diplomatic and security protocol for the secretary of state to travel by armored limousine with the U.S. ambassador when visiting a foreign country.

“CLINTON refused to do so, instead choosing to be accompanied in the limousine by her Chief of Staff, HUMA ABEDIN. This frequently resulted in complaints by ambassadors who were insulted and embarrassed by this breach of protocol,” the summary says. Clinton’s breaches of protocol, it adds, were “well-known throughout Diplomatic Security and were ‘abundant.'”

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Unknown said...

So what's the problem? Hillary can't even stand herself - that's why there's always a stool within falling distance...

We know she's Is a power-hungry Leftist who will rule over the country as such. And, according to those who knew her best, she's mean, brutish, bullying, dishonest, greedy, corrupt, negligent, obscenely vulgar, got fired from Watergate team for lying & evidence tampering, failed the Washington Bar Exam, stole WH items when she left that she was forced to return, travelgate, cattle-futures-gate, attacked & threatened a platoon of women Bill assaulted.

She hid & lied about Rose law firm files, used her position as SecStat to enrich herself, illegally set up private in-home server which was hacked exposing thousands of top secret files to our enemies & costed people's lives, as well as set herself up for blackmail when she's Prez, then destroyed 30k emails to avoid prosecution.

She allowed Russia to take ownership of 20% of US's uranium, created and armed ISIS, created Benghazi desaster then lied to the families, colluded with DNC to cheat Bernie, colludes with MSM to get questions in advance of debates, is very ill & takes very dangerous drugs & travels in a van outfitted with a hospital bed.

She owes foreign donors favors, does the bidding of GeorgSoros, has all FBI & DeptJustice investigators furious with their superiors for not indicting her on blatant criminal behavior, and is now engaging in character assassination of her opponent by encouraging (paying?) women to allege sexual harrassment by Trump, to distract from Bill's rapes & harrass. of women & I won't even mention the giggle-fest re that pedophile she repped & she has no butt cuz she lies her ass off about everything.

If I had 3 more days, I might be able to complete the entire list of crimes by HC. I don't want to go out on a limb or anything but..., I think our nation is up Hillary Creek without a paddle because our nation has become so Godless, Dumbed-Down & Misinformed by the liberal media that, I believe, a majority of my Comrade Ignoramouses are about to vote for this Old-Model Broom-Rider for POTUS because of their ignorance or because their behavior is not all that unlike her's ... But that's just me..

Donald Trump used his brains to, legally, make Billions of dollars.

Anonymous said...

Jim Mayer above - you have NAILED IT. Yes, I know there's more that could be said, but for starters, you've got Killary "down pat". She, Obama, Comey, Lynch and many others should all be in jail for treason, obstruction of justice, perjury (in contempt of congress) and a host of other crimes. The Clintons are nothing but sleazy grifters and Killary has no business even running for POTUS. She is Obama with a vagina and will be even worse than he has been for this country. WAKE UP PEOPLE. DO NOT VOTE FOR KILLARY CLINTON. She is a lying weasel.