Saturday, October 08, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: 'Open trade and open borders': Hacked emails have transcripts of Clinton paid speeches

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'Open trade, open borders': Hacked emails leak Clinton speech transcripts: Exam
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Hillary’s hired thugs: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

Clintons “Dodged” Hundreds of Thousands in Taxes: Keith Koffler
Wikileaks drops its first October Surprise, The Podesta Emails: TruePundit
The Kaine Scrutiny: A Special Report: Scott McKay

Comey ‘Singlehandedly Ruined’ FBI’s Reputation: Alberto Luperon
Dr. Ezekiel “Death Panel” Emanuel blames GOP for problems With Obamacare: LI
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Trump Defiantly Apologizes After Lewd Remarks About Women Revealed: OANN
What If She Loses?: Mary Kate Cary
Are Tennessee Church Shootings Jihad?: Matthew Vadum


Hillary Calls for 65% Death Tax (For Those Without Their Own Foundations): ATR
The Corporate State: The Z Man
Debt Under Obama Up $9,000,000,000,000: Terence P. Jeffrey

Scandal Central

Hillary’s Benghazi Coverup Threatens Terror Prosecutions: Andrew C. McCarthy
Arms dealer who threatened to reveal Clinton's Libya dealings rips DOJ for 'injustice': Fox
"Trump Tape" Comments On Women Will Not Affect His Campaign: Victor Smith

State Dept. to release 270 pages of deleted Clinton emails Friday: Sarah Westwood
U.S. admits record number of Muslim refugees in 2016: Phillip Connor
Hacked: Clinton's newest email address revealed: Rudy Takala


A millennial’s guide to Bill Clinton’s 20+ sex scandals: Ryan Girdusky
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As hundreds die in Haiti Hurricane disaster, new questions about billions Clinton Foundation raised to "help": AT
As Russia Ramps Up Its War Capabilities, US Generals Meet To Discuss A Potential WW3: RWN
Canadian University Suspends Professor Who Denied Holocaust, Accused Israel of Planning 9/11: The Tower

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Mozilla Firefox Biased: Pushing Democrat Voter Registration: Daniel Greenfield
BostonCIO Keynote: GE CIO shares what he looks for in IT talent: Ginny Hamilton
Google Hits Motor Vehicle Milestone: PYMNTS


Obamas’ Next Home: 9 Bedrooms in a Wealthy Washington Neighborhood: NYT
Why Does the Sun Set in the West? It’s Science: MOTUS
The Greatest Sales Deck I've Ever Seen: Andy Raskin

Image: New Video Emerges Of Bill Clinton Inappropriately Touching Woman
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QOTD: "[VP candidate Tim] Kaine also brings the stench of corruption with him, something that seems inescapable with any Clinton minion...

...Let’s start with the fact that as Lt. Governor and Governor of Virginia Kaine accepted some $160,000 in gifts from political donors and companies regulated by that state — including an $18,000 Caribbean vacation, $5,500 in clothing and a trip to see George Mason in the 2006 NCAA Final Four — between 2001 and 2009. Those are precisely the same kinds of gifts that former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was prosecuted for taking; McDonnell was convicted of corruption but had his case thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court. Naturally Kaine was never prosecuted by the Obama Justice Department for his status as a beneficiary. That escape was justified by the claim that Kaine never offered a quid pro quo, but then again Kaine did reappoint James Murray, who gave him the use of his villa in Mustique, to the Virginia Higher Education Commission, and he also appointed S&K Famous Brands clothier Stuart Siegal, who so generously supplemented his wardrobe, to the Virginia Racing Commission.

But of course there was no quid pro quo.

Or we could talk about his use of taxpayer dollars as mayor of Richmond to send activists in buses to the gun-grabbing Million Mom March, which caused no small stir when the public found out about it. Kaine then had to raise private funds to reimburse the city treasury; no word on what the quid pro quo was to get him out of that jam." --Scott McKay


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