Friday, October 07, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Revealed: Obama Administration Managed Clinton Email Scandal From Day 1

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Revealed: White House Managed Clinton Email Scandal From Day 1: Jeff Dunetz
New Video Emerges Of Bill Clinton Inappropriately Touching Woman: Hannity
FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe: Paul Sperry

Tim Kaine flashback: Let’s make illegal immigrants pay for a border wall: John Sexton
Important Question for the GOP "Intellectual" Class: Ace
Kaine Reveals Emptiness of Democratic Policies: Dick Morris

Clinton Sought Pentagon, State Department Contracts for Chelsea’s Friend: Bill Gertz
Trump: Bill Clinton 'torched' president with Obamacare gaffe: Al Weaver
Why Doesn’t Media Ask Hillary About Her Ties To Russia?: Jeff Dunetz

Chilling Timeline: Obama’s Dismantling of U.S. Immigration Laws: CJR
DHS: 29% jump in green cards to Muslims under Obama: Paul Bedard
Tim Kaine and the Muslim Brotherhood: Matzav


NotableQuote: Stephen Green: GraniteGrok
ObamaCare’s Meltdown Has Arrived: WSJ
Starving Oil Workers Sell Clothes for Food in Venezuela: AmInt

America’s ‘quiet catastrophe’: Millions of idle men: George F. Will, WaPo
WH defends $1.5 billion in annual PR expenses: Susan Crabtree
The Mask Has Fallen: Antisemitism Clear As Day At Columbia University: IsraellyCool

Scandal Central

FBI files reveal missing email 'boxes' in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tampering: Fox
‘Clintons stole billions from 2010 Haiti earthquake victims, tried to buy my silence’: Thomas Madison
Piling on: Hillary Clinton Plants Teen Actor at Empty Townhall to ask Pre-Scripted Question: WoW

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Hurricane Matthew, now a Category 4 storm, forces evacuations as it approaches Florida: WaPo
Paul Krugman Is Very Concerned About The Lack Of Focus On ‘Climate Change’: RWN


FEC war: Dems reject call to protect Internet news, talk radio from regulations: Paul Bedard
Washington Post: Say, How Much Damage Could A President Trump Do?: RWN
VP Debate Moderator Sick and Tired of Hearing About Hillary's Damn Emails: Andrew Kugle

Clinton Campaign Helped Script Steve Harvey Interview: Lachlan Markay
Atlantic: Many Trump Voters Have Never Left Their Hometown: Ace
Hillary Clinton Parkinson's - Detailed Debate Analysis: VidZette


Obama Aids and Abets Iranian Nuclear Terror: Daniel Greenfield
Tim Kaine and the Muslim Brotherhood: Matzav
Chinese Public Sees More Powerful Role in World, Names U.S. as Top Threat: Pew

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Stores Are Suing Over Those Mandatory, Annoying Chip Readers: Sara Morrison
Thermobaric Bombs And Other Nightmare Weapons Of The Syrian Civil War: PopSci
This Machine Could Prevent Gun Violence — If Only Cops Used It: Beth Schwartzapfel


Trump-Inspired Pepe The Frog Billboards To Hit Battleground State: Shane Dixon Kavanaugh
Kill Mr. Maybe: Mike Cernovich
Kaepernick Backlash Becoming Major Factor; NFL Ratings Drop Yet Again In Week 4: CBS Boston

Image: New Video Emerges Of Bill Clinton Inappropriately Touching Woman
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Buried in the 189 pages of heavily redacted FBI witness interviews from the Hillary Clinton email investigation are details of yet another mystery -- about two missing “bankers boxes” filled with the former secretary of state’s emails.

The interviews released earlier this month, known as 302s, also reveal the serious allegation that senior State Department official Patrick Kennedy applied pressure to subordinates to change the classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public...

...State Department witness also told the FBI there was a deliberate effort to change sensitive Clinton emails bearing the “B(1)” code -- used in the Freedom of Information Act review process to identify classified information -- to the category of “B-5.” That category covers Executive Branch deliberations, “interagency or intra-agency communications including attorney client privileges,” and makes material exempt from public release.

Over five pages of the single-spaced summary notes, the witness, whose name is redacted, alleges Clinton’s team which included Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy played classification games to confuse and obfuscate the formal FOIA review process." --Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne

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Anonymous said...

How on earth did Creepy Granny wield such influence with this Administration?
Maybe that's the answer, she showed up as a Creepy Clown and they just wanted her to go away.