Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation

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FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation: Kerry Picket
FBI agents let Hillary’s aide offer to bribe them to tamper with evidence in probe: BPR
Clinton Donors and Friends Livid About Insider Wikileaks Comments About Them: DailyMail

Hillary using the "Mentally Ill" to incite violence at Trump rallies: @TEN_GOP
Schakowsky Husband in Plan to Incite Violence at Trump Events: CDO
O'Keefe: DNC, Hillary Campaign 'Bird Dogging' to Cause Violence at Trump Rallies: Jim Hoft

Why Donald Trump will prevail in the only poll that matters: CHQ
Houston, TX: Iraqi "refugee" pleads guilty in ISIS bomb plot: Ann Corcoran
Mexican man deported 10 times since 2010 accused of raping child in Kansas: DailyMail

Clinton Extolls "Ultimate Wisdom of a Borderless World": Steve Sailer
Wikileaks: Without a podium to lean on, Huma Asked to Cut Hillary Speech in Half: Jim Hoft
Emails Reveal Sidney Blumenthal Bashing Obama: Ali Meyer

Hillary Sees Self as Messianic Joan of Arc to Deliver the Left's Revelation to the Earth: Ace
Obama ‘Diversity’ Mandates Put Progressive Agenda over National Security: Oath Keepers
“Freedom Spoken Here”: NC GOP Office Firebombed, Vandalized: RWN


Restoring America’s Economic Mobility: Frank Buckley
Goldman Sachs Paid Hillary $675,000 For This?: Investors
Tinfoil: It's Getting Harder To Leave Home Without It: Mark St. Cyr

Scandal Central

“Take the Money!!”: WikiLeaks Reveals Clinton Taking Donations From “Foreign Registered Agents”: PPD
Companies used Clinton fundraisers to lobby State Department: Lookout
As WikiLeaks Access to Internet is Severed, New Clinton Email Bombshell Emerges: WSOP


NBC Insider: “Trump was leading in the polls, so the tape was leaked to derail his bid”: JWF
This Is the Percentage of Millennials Who Believe George W. Bush Killed More People Than Stalin: Jamie Gregora
Tammy Bruce Drops Truth Bomb On Liberal Journalists About Why Women Support Trump: Lookout

Bewildered cousin says Trump accuser GUSHED over Trump for a decade, then pops sex story: BPR
Politico hack Glenn Thrush asked Podesta to sign off on article: FAM
Obama Helps Colbert Mock Trump: Matt Wilstein


Full list of reporters that John Podesta cooks for at his home – the biggest names in media: Pamela Geller
The Vatican Submits to Islam (2006-2016): Giulio Meotti
Jihadist Tactics 101 - Going on the Dole: Patrick Dunleavy

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Jester Effect and #iAWACS: Liberty Speaks
GCHQ broke the law for 17 years... spying on UK citizens: Graham Cluley
Samsung Sets up Note 7 Exchange Booths in 'High Traffic' Airports: Tim Hardwick


Is This For Real?: Matzav
People Storm Out of Amy Schumer Show After She Insults Trump: LI
Through a Glass Darkly: Maggie McNeill

Image: MUST SEE: "It deosn't matter what the legal and ethics people say, we gotta win this motherf***er
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QOTD: "[Former] Judge Andrew Napolitano had a hard-hitting question for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in response to the release on Monday of over 100 new documents related to the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

One of documents appears to prove the undersecretary of state purportedly offered a deal to the FBI in exchange for the bureau agreeing to reclassify documents in order to protect Hillary Clinton, a “quid pro quo” as described by an FBI agent ... Napolitano said the document points to several potential offenses.

“I’ve never seen this in my career, where an effort is made to change a document after it is evidence in a criminal prosecution,” he said... “That is obstruction of justice, that is tampering with evidence, that’s offering a bribe,” Napolitano added, before asking: “Why wasn’t someone charged with these crimes by the FBI?”

And the judge was adamant that the deal amounted to a bribe... “The mere discussion of it is itself a crime,” he said. “It is a crime to bribe someone, it is a crime to offer to bribe someone. This was at best, a bribe, and at worst, an offer to bribe.”" --Tom Tillison

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