Friday, October 14, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: “We Conspire To Produce An Unaware And Compliant Citizenry”; Rasmussen: Trump Takes the Lead

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“We Conspire To Produce An Unaware And Compliant Citizenry”: Herschel Smith
Rasmussen: Trump Takes the Lead: Rasmussen
NY Times Trump Accuser Rachel Crooks is Lying According To Family Friend: GotNews

#PodestaEmails6 – another 2,000 John Podesta e-mails released by Wikileaks: FAM
Leaked ‘Pay-to-Play’ Clinton Emails Show 'Everything Is for Sale: John Hayward
Aliens Sexually Assault 70,000 American Women, But Ryan Targets Trump: Julia Hahn

Hidden Camera: Clinton Campaign Okays Destruction of GOP Voter Registrations: RWN
Fox News Poll Another Skewed Pro Hillary Poll – +9 Democrats: VARight
Democrats Leaving Party in Massive Numbers: RWN

Leaked Clinton emails: hatred for Catholics, Southerners, 'needy Latinos': Times
Hidden video: Feingold says Clinton may issue gun control executive orders: M.D. Kittle
Mystery ‘medical’ aide back by Hillary’s side after long absence: Kyle Olson

Scandal Central

Former U.S. Attorney: Agents See FBI Chief Comey as a ‘Dirty Cop’: Daniel J. Flynn
Judicial Watch Releases New Hillary Clinton Email Answers Given under Oath: JW
Perez Used Government Account to Coordinate With Clinton Campaign: Bill McMorris


The Liberal Media’s Perpetual Smear Campaign: John Hinderaker
Wikileaks reveals how Clinton campaign, bullies, manipulates and dominates its media coverage: Thomas Lifson
LA Times Wants Rumored ‘Apprentice’ Tape, Won’t Release Obama-Khalidi Video: Shifra


Barack Obama Could Take A Major Step Toward War With Russia On Friday: Michael Snyder
Why Israel fears Obama’s last days: Post
Revolt Against the American Aristocracy: GunWatch

Boston: Muslim who had Islamic “rebirth” shoots two police officers: JW
Culture-Enriching Torture in Schlüchtern: GoV
The oligarchy is losing its grip, but its death throes may prove fatal – to us: Jim Jatras

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Mystery of the Copper Scroll: Thomas L. McDonald
Instagram, at long last, is officially on the PC: JC Torres
Winners & Losers: Domain Mondo


“Worse than 100 TrumpTapes”: Hacker claims video of Hillary making racist remarks to be released: Rebel
May You Live in Interesting Times: MOTUS
Pundit accountability: The official 2012 election prediction thread: Brad Plumer, WaPo (2012)

Image: Kathleen Willey: "Hillary Clinton, No Champion of Women, Attacks The Victims of Sexual Assault and Rape"
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QOTD: "James Comey presides over an FBI in revolt over his leadership, a former U.S. attorney tells The American Spectator, and pursues “paranoid, delusional, and vindictive” measures to prevent negative information leaking out to the public.

“I know that inside the FBI there is a revolt,” Joseph diGenova [says]. “There is a revolt against the director. The people inside the bureau believe the director is a dirty cop. They believe that he threw the [Hillary Clinton email] case. They do not know what he was promised in return. But the people inside the bureau who were involved in the case and who knew about the case are talking to former FBI people expressing their disgust at the conduct of the director.”

... “There is a consensus among the employees that the director has lost all credibility and that he cannot lead the bureau,” diGenova explains. “They are comparing him to L. Patrick Gray, the disgraced former FBI director who threw Watergate papers into the Potomac River. The resistance to the director has made the agency incapable of action. It has been described to me as a depression within the agency unlike anything that anyone has ever seen within the bureau. The director’s public explanation for the unorthodox investigation are viewed by people in the bureau as sophomoric and embarrassing.”" --Daniel J. Flynn


Anonymous said...

And Michelle Obama regales America with "I Can't Stop Loving You", as seen with her hero Geraldine:

Anonymous said...

In 1992 the Clintons pounded hard against Bush telling us that it was the worst economy since the depression. It obviously was not true but what they wanted was a crisis of confidence in the economy, and they got it. Bill finished Bush off with false accusations against Cap Weinberger, the Secretary of Defense and he came under investigation. It was not until well after the election that Cap was exonerated and I chanced to watch a political news forum where reporters pressed Clinton spokesmen on these things to which they actually laughed and said "it was all politics".
As we watch Hillary, I can not help but be reminded that she hasn't forgotten those tricks and we are seeing them played out again today. Who will forget her at the debate telling Trump she admired his family... that was a bad sign because now she will work to destroy it.
All men will bow to her; "I came, I saw, I killed him" said Killary Clinton as she referred to Moamar.

Unknown said...

Please release the Bill Clinton Tape. If you don't she will probably win.

Unknown said...

Please release the Bill Clinton Tape. If you don't she will probably win.