Saturday, October 15, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Team Debated How To Hide Subpoenaed Benghazi Info

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Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Team Debated How To Hide Subpoenaed Benghazi Info: RWN
One of Trump’s Accusers Has Ties to the Clinton Foundation: Sara Noble
Mr. Trump Should Demand the Resignation of James Comes and Loretta Lynch: HillBuzz

The 1.3 Party System: The Z Man
Donald Trump has divorced the GOP and formed the 'Party of Trump': Gianno Caldwell
Don't Underestimate the power of Hillary hate: Freddy Gray (9/16)

Surprise! Man Who Shot Boston Police Experienced ‘Islamic’ Rebirth: JWF
In Paid Speech, Clinton Warned That Jordan Couldn’t Vet Refugees: Clarion Project
Illegal Immigrants Ripped These Families' Hearts Out: Carly Hoilman

Democrat Election Commish on Hidden Camera: We Use Blatant Vote Fraud: AntiMedia
Hillary Answers JW Under Oath: "Does Not Recall" Most Of Her Time as Sec. of State: ZH
Feingold Video Just Latest Anti-Gun Stance: Brian Sikma


Clinton Lie #1 Jillion: 'I'm not going to add a penny to the national debt': T. Becket Adams

Scandal Central

Clinton Emails: Comey Lied And The Scandal Died: Investors
Sleazy Plot: DNC Planned a Fake Trump “Assault” Scandal in May: Sara Noble
Leaked email shows State Dept. helped Clinton massage email story: Sarah Westwood

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Federal Court Delivers Stunning Blow to Mass. AG and #ExxonKnew Campaign: Katie Brown
Nutjob Jill Stein Calls for “War-Time Economy” to Fight the Weather: MB


Emails: Washington Post WH Bureau Chief Warns Podesta of New Story: Mary Chastain
Clinton Leaks: A campaign at war with itself and the press (except those sucking up): Howard Kurtz
You’re going to love Ben Shapiro’s new nickname for Obama: Twitchy

Media guru: 'Dial into Drudge': Paul Bedard
Obama Talks Censorship: Sara Noble
Megyn Kelly's Obssessive Trump Hatred Taking a Ratings Toll: Newser


WIKILEAKS: The Smoking Gun On The Iran Deal; Podesta Thinks Nuclear War Is Coming: FreeRep
New York City Council Bows to Islamofascism: BNI
Mainstream Media Not Reporting Boston Police Shooter’s Islamic ‘Rebirth’: TR

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A sense of scale: the best microscopy of 2016: John Timmer
...And Here Come The Device-Restricted Music Subscriptions: Leigh Beadon, TechDirt
The Quest to Resurrect Extinct Species: Discover (2015)


Podesta Emailed About an Assassination Three Days Before ustice Scalia’s Suspicious Death: TruePundit
Deplorables Gear Up: MOTUS
Souning Like a Tinpot Dictator: Sara Noble

Image: Don't Underestimate the power of Hillary hate
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: " say Hillary Clinton is loathed because she is a woman is a bit like saying people dislike Katie Hopkins because she is a woman, or that Robert Mugabe is reviled because he is black. It is to muddle cause and effect. Clinton is disliked because she is dislikeable. She has always rubbed people up the wrong way, which is why at school she was called Owl Face and Sister Frigidaire. It can be tempting to feel sorry for her on that front — the prim girl destined to be put down by bullies. But then she goes and spoils it all by being herself again. Or should that be selves? Over her long career, Hillary has developed various public personas, and somehow she makes them all seem fake. There is Hillary the liberal missionary, author of books about improving the world such as It Takes a Village, who then endorses the bombing of cities. There is Hillary the feminist, who once shunned make-up and expensive clothes but who now changes her look and her hair every few weeks and dons expensive power outfits. Or, everyone’s least favourite, Hillary the sassy granny, who tries to cackle charmingly on chat shows, then scowls at journalists who dare to ask her difficult questions." --Freddy Gray


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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open - SNL