Monday, October 31, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Wikileaks Warns It Is Launching "Phase Three" Of Its Election Coverage

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FBI vs. Hillary

Wikileaks Warns It Is Launching "Phase Three" Of Its Election Coverage: ZH
FBI obtains warrant to review newly found emails: Trib
Hillary's emails matter: A retired CIA officer explains why: TheHill

Hamlet at the Bureau: The Z Man
Four FBI Probes Related to the Clintons: Sharyl Attkisson
Trump: FBI 'revolt' led to reopened Clinton investigation: John Siciliano

Why FBI's James Comey 'Reopened' Clinton Email Probe Days Before the Election: FoxBiz
Clinton hasn’t even asked Huma what’s on her computer: Daniel Halper
If Hillary wins, we’ll have a potential blackmail target in the White House: John Fund

The Clintons as Farce: Victor Davis Hanson
Loretta Lynch Tried To Protect Hillary But The FBI Told Her To Back The Hell Up: YIR
Laptop in Weiner sexting case had ',' Clinton-linked emails: Catherine Herridge


Manure dumped at Democratic headquarters in Ohio: Amy B. Wang
Early Voters Can Get a Do-Over in Wisconsin: Boots & Sabers
I remember when no American was above the law: Marathon

Flashback: Bill Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush re-election: Paul Bedard
Down-Ballot Democrats Flounder Over Questions of Clinton’s Honesty: David Rutz
NYT Florida Poll Showcases Pending Trump Landslide Victory: Treehouse


For low-skilled workers, life is hard. Minimum-wage hikes make it harder: Jeff Jacoby
Italy’s Banking System on Verge of Nervous Breakdown: Don Quijones

Scandal Central

FBI Has An Investigation Ongoing Into Clinton Foundation: Chuck Ross
Resignation letters piling up; why Comey jumped at the chance to reopen Hillary probe: DailyMail
GOP Calls on Hassan to Return ‘Tainted Donations’: Bill McMorris

650,000 Emails Found On Anthony Weiner's Laptop; DOJ Blocked Foundation Probe: ZH
Leaked Email: Central Player In Undercover Videos “Close To Robby Mook”: GOP
Frantic John Podesta Sought Senior Health Official’s Advice on ‘Anxious’ Hillary: HeatSt


Democrats Should Tell Hillary to Step Down: Moonbattery
Tapper Confronts Podesta on FBI: Isn’t This All Clinton’s Fault?: Josh Feldman
Mocking Hillary, Trump, and (even) Gary Johnson: Dan Mitchell

Scoop from the UK media, not pathetic US hacks, is the reason for Hillary’s new FBI nightmare: Breaking 911
Hillary’s latest tweets reveal even more desperation from her camp: Twitchy
A new leader for best political ad of the year: Charles Sauer

Doug Schoen: I'm Withdrawing Support of Hillary With Reopening of Investigation: GWP
Exclusive Interview: How This Right-Wing ‘Troll’ Reaches 100M People: Observer
13 Year-Old Girl At Trump Rally: If Donald Had A Brick For Every Hillary Lie, He Could Build Two Walls: GWP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Washington Prepares For EMP While Internet Under Attack Since Transfer to the UN: Jeff Berwick
Toronto is proving to be a hotbed for machine learning: Gideon Hayden, VB
Ask Slashdot: What Training Helps Older Programmers Most?: Slashdot


Hillary Throwing Huma to the Wolves?: DownTrend
Airbnb Goes Full SJW And Demands Users Host Deviants Of Every Kind In Their Home: RoK

Image: NYT Florida Poll Showcases Pending Trump Landslide Victory
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Anonymous said...

The women I passed on the road today that had Hillary stickers all had a dour look, a tightly gripped wheel, and they weren't observing what was going on around them.
Ha! Bitter Clingers defined.