Sunday, October 16, 2016

GOP HEADQUARTERS FIRE-BOMBED: Domestic terrorism perpetrated by the American Left

By Karl Denninger

From the NC GOP:

RALEIGH, NC - A North Carolina Republican Party office in Orange County was firebombed overnight, causing major damage and destruction. Thankfully, there was no loss of life.

The explosive device was thrown through the window of the office, and the words, “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else,” were painted on a nearby building. The news comes less than 25 days before Election Day, as dedicated NCGOP volunteers and activists are canvassing the state and spending long hours getting out the vote and exercising their rights in a free and open democratic society.

Let me guess -- the Democrats will claim this was a Russian arsonist?

I think not.

Where is the wall-to-wall coverage of not alleged tampering with an election but actual, in-your-face felony violence in an attempt to disrupt political speech and activity along with a clear threat, backed by arson, to murder anyone who doesn't vote as they wish!

Let's call this what it is: Domestic terrorism perpetrated by the American Left.

This isn't someone getting "pushed" or "bad, mean words" being spoken.  It's a serious criminal offense and likely a federal one at that.  Arson is about as bad as it gets, right up there with******and murder, because it often comes with murder.

Where's Hillary on this?  Where is the media on the obvious fact that a Hillary Supporter is almost-certainly the perpetrator of this felonious act?

Are you willing to vote for someone who has, "on their side", persons who will firebomb you if you disagree with them politically?  Down that road lies a Hell we have not seen in this country since the 1800s and it certainly appears that we are headed there at flank speed.

And by the way, before any more of the Terrorist Left in this country get the wild idea that copycatting would be "fun" I will note that in many if not most states, including some of those with the most-restrictive laws on the use of deadly force (e.g. New York), it is lawful to shoot someone to stop them from committing an imminent arsonThink about that long and hard before you firebomb the next place as there might be someone standing guard who you do not know is there.



Anonymous said...

FBI will never do their job again if the victim is republican

Anonymous said...

Hillary 'condemned' the firebombing in Hillsborough so quickly it's like they knew it was coming.Hillary is usually quite slow to respond to attacks against those who might oppose her.Hillsborough is a beautiful small town with really nice people living there.It is also a place where a close relative of mine was murdered driving home from work for passing a crackhead 'the wrong way'. It's also too close to Chapel Hill to dismiss the notion that brainwashed students were sent on a 'quest' by one of the lunatic leftist 'professors' there. I remember the local county sheriff a few years ago was preoccupied with stopping cars on the interstate for idiotic 'seat belt violations' with the notion that half of all drivers were potential felons.So if the same guy is still there,he's unlikely to be of any help.The FBI won't be of any more help,as the evidence trail will lead to democrats.The most likely way this will be stopped is if someone catches them in the act.I hope they catch them real hard.