Monday, October 17, 2016

THE WORLD GONE TO HELL: Actual "Diversity" Survey From the Securities Industry Regulatory Body, FINRA

Crimson and Clover writes:

The world is going f***ing nuts. I received this email from the regulatory body for the securities industry called FINRA. It purports to survey the diversity of mediators and arbitrators. I really want to respond that I am a freaking Tibetan Monk Eskimo, 120 years old, who lives on an iceberg and is married to a Black Jewish Sioux Indian of Mongolian descent. Maybe that will be diverse enough for them.
And I love the Other selection for "gender".

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Anonymous said...

"Do you consider yourself to be:" is not about gender. It's about sexual orientation.
What the hell business is it for them to nose around in what you do in the bedroom?
"Mind your own business" is a better answer.