Sunday, October 16, 2016

MY NEW MAP: How Democrats and the Mainstream Media (But I Repeat Myself) See America

Ain't this the truth?

Note: I just returned from my tour of Pyongyang and the bountiful North Korean farmlands, so a more conventional schedule of posting should resume shortly. After I recover from eating Rat-Fu, Boiled Horse, and the other delicious fruits of the Communist harvest, that is. Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Miles said...

Where's the "Okee Dokee" section?

Anonymous said...

Congrads on a successful return,

Since I haven't heard of the passing away of Dear Leader, I must assume that part of the mission failed. Soooo.... did you score the interview and most importantly, did you kick his and Rodman,s ass in B-ball?

Old Ez

directorblue said...

Thanks, Ez. The fat inbred is tough to get to. Slow-acting toxin was the best that could be done in the time at hand.