Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Global warming activists stuck in Arctic ice

Tom Nelson (via Marc M.) reports on a "mission of warming activists [who] trek to [the] Arctic... to 'show the world what is happening in the Arctic due to global warming.'"

Global warming activists 'stuck' in Arctic ice! See temps drop 'dramatically' during Arctic trek & faces frost bite!

Excerpt: Sam is travelling to the North pole on an expedition to highlight climate change and keeping a travel log for ... “We’re stuck” - I have slept poorly. The floating ice, while thin, is so prevalent that, throughout the night, it grinds noisily against the side of the boat in a slightly alarming fashion - imagine someone scraping their nails across an old-fashioned blackboard. The then begins earlier than normal and, unusually, I am not woken by Robbie bounding into my room. Instead the ship’s engine roars to life earlier than normal - at around 5.30 - and the MV ‘Havsel’ begins to judder ominously...

I clamber out of bed and scramble up to the bridge - all the ship’s crew are there, and they look serious. I look outside and I can see why. The sea is almost entirely congested with ice floes - I would estimate 80% plus of the sea is covered by them. There is a real risk that we could get stuck up here. We have drifted in the night into a much icier area than where we stopped last night. I wake up the team, and everyone groggily makes their way to the bridge. There’s a mixed reaction in the team to the prospect of getting stuck up here.

...My split feelings about this news remind me of another paradox of my expedition up here - the fact that I am spending my days padding in ice-cold water, with a frozen, painful backside, trying to bring to the attention of the world and its leaders the necessity of stopping the world heating up.

My alternative headline for this post is Stuck on ice... and on stupid.

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