Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama teaches sex to kindergartners

This film was approved by the Community Organizers Code Authority, America's finest community organizers association.

Wright-Ayers Films presents: Barack Obama Teaches Sex to Kindergartners

Hello, children, my name is Barack Obama. I'm here to talk to you about "sex".

What is "sex"?

Put simply, sex is what makes babies.

Sex makes turtle babies, fish babies, teddy bear babies, even baby babies!

How does sex make babies?

First off, your Mom is hot.

And if your Daddy was reading the Victoria's Secret catalog when she sashayed by...


You know how sometimes your Mommy and Daddy's bedroom door is locked and you can hear muffled yelping sounds?


And even if you have two Dads, remember that they love you just as much as if you had real parents.

So kids, remember these three rules.

One: always use a "jimmy hat".

Two: call her the morning after.

Three: you don't have to marry her.

I'm proof that sex -- in all its forms -- is beautiful.

This film was approved by the Community Organizers Code Authority: we put the communist in community.

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