Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Mobambi Experiment

The Mobambi Experiment

This is just an informal discussion...

I'll be asking some questions...

...just answer them as honestly as you can.

Why would you vote for Barack Obama?

Because of all the good things I've heard. Like "change".

Cuz' Bush sucks!

I wouldn't vote any other way because my Union boss goes into the booth with me.

Barack Obama means hope and change and goodness and peace and unicorns...

He's an awesome, awesome speaker!

'Cuz he ain't Bush, dude!.

I'd like you to draw what you think of Barack Obama...

You drew the beautiful O logo, symbol of Barack?

Today we'll show you what we project for the United States if John McCain gets elected.

The economy: in shambles because the Bush tax cuts expire, resulting in higher taxes for working Americans. And because investment slows as a rise in the capital gains tax deters investors, the stock market tanks...

Man, that's ridiculous! I can't believe that Rethuglican would let all of those taxes rise, even on middle-class Americans!

National security: weakened investments are slashed in what he calls "unproven" missile defense... a downsized military... putting the country at risk...

'Holy crap! Wow!

Then we told them that we had really simulated an Obama presidency!

F***! Are you serious, dude?

You just blew my mind.

Are you serious??? Man, am I stoooooooooopid!!!

You stinking kuffar! If this weren't on camera, I would slit your throat!

Get OUT!

I had no freaking idea Barack Obama was this much of a disaster.

Now that I've seen the computer simulation, I realize McCain-Palin is the ticket we've been dreaming of.

Actually, it's like totally different than what Obama said it would be like. It like, sucks, man. We've gotta vote McCain!

Lies! They're all lies! Obama's been telling us lies!

This seals the deal tighter than Michael Moore's butt crack when he's wearing spandex: I'm voting John McCain and Sarah Palin!

I'm John McCain and I approved this unmasking of Barack Obama's policies.

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