Friday, September 19, 2008

Line o' the day: Out of warranty

Duane, writing at Hugh's site, describes Barack, uh, Obama's Inspirational Address To The Barbra Streisand, um, Hollywood Elites.


So this should be a celebratory, but the truth is that, uh, I’m in a different mood tonight, um, partly because, uh, we just saw this week, uh... uh... a storm sweep through the Gulf, and there are millions of people without power, tens of thousands of people without a place to live. Uh, here in Los Angeles, there was a tragedy that, uh, took the lives of so many. Uh... and over the last couple of days, we’ve seen reports of the worst financial crisis that we’ve had in generations. Uh... and we don’t yet know how it’s going to play itself out...

I guess the teleprompter was in the shop.

$28,500 a plate doesn't buy the kind of speech it used to.

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