Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gasoline: the real price-gougers

Hurricane Ike threatens our largest oil refineries...

Gas prices hit all-time highs...

...and the Democrat-controlled Congress continues to prohibit drilling for energy around 93% of the U.S. In fact, they even prohibit exploration!

It's nothing new. In 1994 Democrat Bill Clinton vetoed exploration in Alaska

In 2008 Democrat Nancy Pelosi claimed that drilling for oil is a "hoax".

And in July of this year Democrat Ken Salazar refused to consider drilling even if gas hit $10 a gallon!

Ten dollar gas? Vote for Energy. Vote McCain-Palin.

Update: Larwyn adds:

Look at the Dems' "No Zones" and realize that if drilling and refinery sites were spread out, a hurricane in the Gulf would not have such a dire effect on our economy and on your pocketbook.

Common sense folks! If your banked cash exceeds the FDIC insurance limits, you use more than one bank. Time we create more than ONE ENERGY BANK for this country....

Well said.

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