Saturday, September 06, 2008

Line o' the day: Podhoretz suggests a McCain retort on change

Via Powerline, John Podhoretz suggests a response to Sen. Obama's question where have you been for 26 years?:

Here’s where I have been. I changed campaign-finance law. I changed telecommunications law. I took on the tobacco companies when other Republicans wouldn’t. I took on the cable companies when they wouldn’t let people choose what channels they might want to watch. I saw a standoff in the Senate on confirming judges and I changed a standoff into a bipartisan agreement. I took on the earmarks and the Bridge to Nowhere and the breaks for oil companies you, Obama, voted for in 2005. And I helped change the war in Iraq from a defeat into what appears to be a victory. Where have you been for 26 years?

Errr... community organizing?

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