Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: GM's new motorized wheelchair

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Left ready to sabotage and smear Tea Parties: Malkin
Rep. Rogers: Pelosi 'Crazy... Mean as a Snake': SUS
'Blue Dog' Democrats are Posers: Say Anything

The nuclear illusionist: WSJ
A message to the rich: PJM (Whittle)
Tea Parties Scaring Reporters, No Film at 11: Powers

Coming up next: the PUMA: Fausta
Vote that (may have) changed the world: AT
Obama's word play: Goldberg

A Taliban Leader's Doomsday Promise: Zumwalt
Israel hunts nukes in Washington: Maginnis
A successful missile defense test: JWF

D.C. school system bids farewall to vouchers: PJM (Emanuel)
Obama's real message to Europe: AT
The horrific new Sharia mini-state: PJM (Weiss)

Detroit: More Registered Voters Than Residents: Gateway
Obama skipped Normandy visit... to avoid offending Germany?: AT (Lifson)
Obama administration can't avoid the unintended consequences: Corner

I'm against guns and violence, unfortunately reality has intruded on my delusional paradise: Big Hollywood
Self-help for women: "gun safety, kids, mindset, and much more": The Cornered Cat
Did Israeli scientists crack the energy code?: The Lid

Survivalists 2.0: Regular people get ready for the worst: McClatchy DC
iTunes is now DRM-free: PC World
Brilliant: GM to make wheelchair with motor: El Rushbo

Image Credit: The EIB Network.

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