Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get ready for the Tea Party with your FairTax brochures!

You've heard of the "Tea Parties" and you've heard about the FairTax. The two belong together: The Tea Parties are all about the national problem of borrowing and spending too much and we are all about the national solution of a better tax system that makes everyone aware of the cost of the federal government.

If you're planning on attending one of the many Tea Parties or other Tax Day events across the country on April 15th, then please consider using this opportunity to actively promote the FairTax. Bring a FairTax sign, wear your FairTax gear, and download/print copies of our "We're Throwing Away Trillions When a Better Solution Exists" full-page ad that ran in Investor's Business Daily recently.

This ad provides the perfect message about the FairTax for these April 15th events, and can introduce the FairTax to those who have yet to fully understand its potential to transform Washington and the American economy.

Please note this is a large file (11 inches x 20 inches in PDF format) so be sure to change your settings to "shrink to printable area" when printing.

Thanks for raising your voice on Tax Day 2009.

Click the image or here to download the PDF explaining the FairTax.

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