Monday, April 20, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Desolation Row

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National Security

Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites: Times of London
Hard Leftists fill critical roles at Defense, State: Papa Mike
Politics, security disclosures and Valerie Plame: TAB
Five illegal aliens murdered in AL drug case: JWF
Torture Documents: Who Cares? Part II: STACLU
The tortured logic of interrogation opponents: Prairie


Obama Must Stop Hiding From The Presidency: LegalIns
United Nations hypocrisy writ large: LGF
Ignoring Ortega makes sense: Surber
Obama defends himself, but not his country: Gateway


Congress ignored warnings on Fannie, Freddie: SF Examiner
MA residents openly protesting Barney Frank: Sun-Chron


America's 'November Revolution': AT (Griffing)
Transnational Irony: AusTo
Ahmadinejad arrives at UN Human Rights Conference: Gateway
CAIR caught red-handed: STACLU


Did the media steal the election?: PJTV
CNN: latest corporate thug using "copyright violations": Patterico
Garofalo on dissent: then and now: Instapundit
Roesgen Spread “Jena 6″ Myths: Patterico
A bailout for the media?: TAB

Climate Change

Stop the EPA before it destroys America: Caruba
Antarctic ice growing, not shrinking: Fox
The Earth is Mankind's Garden: CapMag


Who We Are: RWSparkle
Tea Party Photos From Fresno: Instapundit
Photos from Portsmouth, NH Tea Party: Atlantic Ave.


Real Gunfighter Lance Thomas Defends His Store: Justice Files


Susan Boyle's Fairy-Tale Ending: should we suspicious of Simon Cowell's latest creation?: Post
The Illustrated Desolation Row: AmerDig

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