Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Boss Obama

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Breaking: Left discovers radio marketing strategy: Morrissey
The Chicago Way is Piracy, Too: AT (Lee)
We farm out the Krugman-bashing: JOM

The Threat of Far-Right Extremism: Strata-Sphere
The execrable DHS report on “right-wing extremism”: Morrissey
Caving to Iran: NRO (Ledeen)

Double Standard: Transterrestrial
Tax Receipts Plummet: PJM (Blumer)
David Shuster reports on 'Tea-Bagging': Riehl

Boss Obama: AT (Lasky)
Change! Illinois snags 1 out 9 stimulus dollars: Gateway
Picking a fight?: Anchoress

Stories we'd be reading if Bush were still in charge: Verum Serum
Uhm, about that DHS Report on Right-Wing Extremism: LGF
American Legion responds to DHS’ fear of veterans: This Ain't Hell

A Radical in the Defense Department: Provacateur
10 years later, the real story behind Columbine: USA Today
Media having trouble finding right angle on Obama story: Onion

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