Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: The Way We Get By

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Obama administration stifles favorable D.C. voucher study: Murdock
Story of a successful rescue (and claimed credit): PJM (Emanuel)
The Way We Get By: Movie

Top 10 Signs You Are Living in a Banana Republic: Barricade
ICE giving work permits to illegals?: Schlussel
Aesop's fables: too deep for a Times columnist: Taranto

Close call: Rep. Payne's plane fired on in Somalia: LawHawk
Don't bail out losers!: Wizbang
Krugman, tea parties and Alinsky's rule #13: Provacateur

Obama doctrine is what?: Crittenden
When narratives collide: PJM (Chesler)
Pirates should face death: Patterico

Attackers once again become victims: Sultan Knish
The Anti-Success Presidency: Morris
Daughter killed over short skirt: MosNews

Der Spiegel interviews Ahmadinejad: JoshuaPundit
Diamonds in the Rough: JPost
Despicable Oliphant Cartoon now employed by Hezbollah: NRO

ZombieHarmony: Because the Apocalypse doesn't have to be lonely: Mingle2
Warning: product labels may cause tummy ache from laughter: Fox
Laugh and the world laughs at ya: Rick

"So [Goldman] paints the tape ahead of its capital raise, quants move to the sidelines without leverage, vanilla cash comes oops-ing out of money markets, the banks leak record earnings, and the market trends to break all VWAP dislocation records." -- FischerBlack

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