Sunday, April 12, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: You've been Punk'd

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Climbout on Easter Sunday: AmDig
America's not a Christian nation: Giles
Deja Clinton: Gateway

Piracy in the Age of Obama: Crittenden
Obama's Iranian Schizophrenia: Asharq Alawsat (Taheri)
Weapons of Mass Distraction: Driscoll

Death threats follow decision: Surber
Time to repeal affordable housing law: WickedLocal (Greeley)
Hero Blues: Liberals line up with Militarism: Empire Burlesque

Pirates must be hunted down and their vessels sunk on sight: Telegraph (Keegan)
Liberal media bias detector: PJM (Toto)
'The irony is not lost on us': JWF

Hillary Chuckles Over Somali Pirate Standoff (Video): Gateway
Can this be blamed on conservatives?: JWF
Obama's map of distractions: GM's Place

Which part of 'wipe Israel off the map'...: Matzav
Shining Path's worst attack in a decade: TAB
The Indecision Team Needs to Understand Motives: Jawa

Pelosi begins assault on Second Amendment: SAF
Family living in fear after hate attacks: The JC
Schumer: days of 'traditional values', 'strong foreign policy' are over: Gateway

Live RAID concerts will benefit Somali pirates: BMW
Happy 50th, Mom and Dad: Rick
You've Been Punked By Obama -- The Detainee Episode: LegalIns

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