Thursday, April 16, 2009

Data entry error at Google News

The odious Online Journal somehow made it into the Google News index. Its denizens include the likes of Jerry Mazza, Bev Conover and Ben Tanosborn.

Mazza is a staunch supporter of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and openly endorses the destruction of the state of Israel.*

Conover is an "editor", the author of such immortal paragraphs as "George W Bush is a fascist. Dick Cheney is a fascist. This administration is made up of nothing except more fascist's [sic], who think and act just like these two. Fascists respect nothing except money and power."

And Tanosborn, a self-described "poet and business consultant", was one of the most vicious of the Murthites who attacked the U.S. Marines in Haditha without a whit of evidence. The Marines, by the way, were all exonerated.

So how did a pathetic collection of anti-semites, leftists and other miscellaneous nutjobs warrant inclusion in Google News?

My guess is someone at Google fat-fingered a database entry. There is no other rational explanation.

* Remove the "zzz" letters from the URL if you would like to visit.

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