Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Survival Optional

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National Security

Survival Optional: Sowell
George Soros has a mole in the Pentagon: IBD
Our Sword and Our Shield: Dr. Sanity
Close the missile defense gap now: PJM (Greenfield)
Obama Declines Iran Offer of al-Qaida Members: Max
Lost boys of Minneapolis on no fly list: Lord
'Torture': 9 Questions the Left Must Answer: Prager
Meet the neighbors: terrorists from Gitmo: PJM (Rusin)


UAW to control Chrysler: AT (Nadler)
Letting Lehman Fail: Dinocrat
North Pole: ice 100% thicker than expected: RefFrame
An eBay for Jobs?: Edgelings
Warming Skeptic Banned from Gore Hearing: Depot
Kitco recants: Langbert


Barack's in the basement: Times
Flyover was 'Felony Stupidity': Corner
Specter's leap a victory for conservatives: PJM (Moran)
Democrats go on Bachmann Watch: Politico
GOP's hopes bloom outside DC: WSJ
Dems urge torture probe: Breitbart


Obama silent on real torture in UAE: STACLU
Israel's Arab cheerleaders: Glick
A trace of memory: PJM (Fernandez)
Around the Middle East: PJTV


Evening newscasts have covered Obama more than Bush, Clinton combined: MediaBistro
Total Domination: FNC Beats CNN and MSNBC Combined For Entire Month of April: MediaBistro
Junior Mayoral Aid Reprimanded For Air Force One Photo-op: STACLU


UCSB Professor attacks 'Nazi' students: Mere Rhetoric
Terrorists On Tour: Bill Ayers And Mark Rudd Speak: Kincaid


1:10 scale Saturn V launch: Steve Eves
Understanding Swine Flu: WSJ


Obama: swine flu started on Bush's ranch: Idle Worship
Somali Pirate Hat: Denny

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