Friday, April 17, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Enemy of the State?

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What CNN didn't show: Newsbusters
Shock: another official has ethics problems: Say Anything
Free speech for me, not thee: Surber

I am an extremist: Oliver North
President of the World: Hanson
One of the people: AJacksonian

How cablers covered the Tea Parties: TVNewser
Enemy of the State?: AT
Michelle Obama paid for a no-show job in '08: Gateway

Sarko goes at it again: Fausta
'We Have Laid It All Out For Our Enemies': JWF
Obama: Arrive Now, Get Legalized Later: Kaus

Finally: GE warns MSNBC about bias: Ace
Tragedy: Times and Post downsizing again: Breitbart
Obama's recipe for change not my cup of tea: Coulter

The Vet 'Threat': Peters
Tea Party protesters respond to "puppet master" allegations: Ushanka
Dem Leaders Say Tea Party Protesters Are "Neo-Nazis, Militias, Secessionists and Racists": Gateway

Barney and Maxine's Bank made few local loans and splurged on the perks: AT (Lasky)
When Bush Was President, Secession Talk Was Cool: LegalIns
Republicans and the Tea Parties: Rove

Barack Obama is tired of your m****f***ing s**t: April Winchell (language warning, duh)
Pirates of DC: Mr. Punky Kitten
Pee Wee Administration: Jawa

Image: I own the world.

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