Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: A Rahm bomb for Jane Harman?

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National Security

What would you not do to stop a nuke?: HuffPo (Lionel)
CIA: we stand behind our actions, and results: Morrissey
Who are the terrorists?: MoneyRunner
A Rahm bomb for Jane Harman?: AT (Lewis)
Take a deep breath, clarity to follow: Shrinkwrapped
Festivus Summit of the Americas: RCW (Fausta)


Worse than Neville Chamberlain: Steyn
The Madness of Durban II: LGF
AQ #2 claim's Obama's election as a 'victory': Gateway
Durban II Diary: UN folds its cards: PJM (Simon)
Domestic Terrorist added to FBI list is NOT a Veteran!: BMW
One more time! KSM waterboarded 183 times: Gateway


Thought Police Muscle Up in Britain: RCW
Obama's EPA declares CO2 a poison: PJM (Lewis)
Congratulations! You may be a terrorist!: Reason
Obama vs. the Navy SEALs: 4-block


The Times' Pulitzer Surprise: Surber


A Lenin's Birthday Story: AT (Atbashian)
It was about hope, and change: Crittenden
The only way to prevent genocide: S, C & A
Patriot's Day: Surber

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