Thursday, April 30, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: "What has enchanted you?"

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Greeting Obama: Gateway
Priceless: Fausta
100 days, 100 mistakes: Obama
Ich Bin Ein Beginner: Malkin
100 days, almost as many broken promises: NRO
Relax, the Democrats will screw up: LegalIns
Hasta: Crittenden
100 days of double talk: Aces
Dems unhappy with Reid’s deal to get Specter: Morrissey
Tea Party Coalition Accepts Obama's Invitation: PJTV
Joyous event of 100 days celebrated by cheering workers: Crittenden


While Obama slept: Greenroom (Coldwarrior)
He is even greater than we realize: JOM
Nothing new under the sun: PJM (Hanson)
Norks celebrate 100 days of change: JWF
Obama: president of just another country: PJM (Pope)

Health Care

Electronic Medical Records... no Panacea: P&P
Barack the Rationer: Greenroom (Kid)
Swine Flue and Predictive Markets: CatallaxyFiles
The Amazing Wii Fit: YouTube


Obama disowns deficit he helped shape: AP
UK Court: Environmentalism is a religion: STACLU
Squeezing all the cash out of inventory: TigerHawk
The True Cause of the Housing Crisis: Politico


The Road From Laughingstock to Bankruptcy: Hot Air
Blowhard Alan Colmes Calls Me A Blowhard: LegalIns
Live-blogging the Obama presser: Rick
Waterboarding for Charity: Surber

Quote of the Day

"You can do business with Iran's $250 billion economy or our $13 trillion economy, but not both." --U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), lead sponsor of legislation that would sanction companies that provide gasoline or other petroleum products to Iran.

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