Saturday, April 25, 2009

Democrats dismantling the legal system, piece by piece

Would it be okay for you to break into an empty home because you needed a place to stay?

Would it be acceptable for you to invade a family's home because they had a spare bedroom and could be looking for a live-in nanny?

Or would it be reasonable to crash a party at the Playboy mansion because Hef had plenty of extra food, free drinks and lots of gorgeous females hanging around?

And would it be fair to sneak into the local YMCA to lift weights because you didn't want the hassle of signing up and paying membership fees?

Would it be justifiable to sneak onto a large corporate campus and steal food, office supplies and computers?


So why do Democrats believe in open borders, allowing millions of non-citizens to illegally enter the country without sanction, while American taxpayers fund their health care, food, living expenses and other social services?

Put simply, when it comes to Democrats, laws do not matter.

In fact, the entire legal system -- like the Constitution -- is "living and breathing" (i.e., malleable) when it benefits Democrats; they endlessly claw for more power, more influence and more personal rewards.

At this very moment, Democrats are rushing socialized medicine through Congress without debate, without vaunted "transparency", without an impact analysis and without a word of protest from the mainstream media.

And the Democrats' new socialized medicine plan includes free health care for illegal aliens.

We must fight these bums tooth and nail. And me must throw them all out in 2010. Every last Democrat must go. And you hack "Blue Dogs"? You're first on the list.

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