Saturday, April 11, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Pirates test the 'Rule of Law'

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A formula for failure: CFP
The President celebrates America's failings: Krauthammer
The Incredible Shrinking Public Pension Funds: Atlantic (McArdle)

President Pantywaist: Telegraph (UK)
Petty Partisanship: Crittenden
Piracy and the will to do something about it: Instapundit

The Post-American President: Big Hollywood
A view from the Saudi press: Dinocrat
Obama as apologist: Shawarma

The Ugly Un-American: Riehl
When will the ice break?: Margo's Maid
Obama's paid 'volunteers': JWF

Brits scramble to find 'Easter Bomb' factory: Gateway
The Dichotomy of a Child Killer's Mug Shot: Eye
Pirates Test the ‘Rule of Law’: NRO (McCarthy)

More on the F-22 and the Defense Budget: Hewitt
Obama unbowed: Riehl
Gore effect: Catlin Arctic Expedition Stymied by Cold: AT (Lee)

"Ayer Head" Professor Lies Again: Kincaid
Child marriage, Sharia beatings in Nashville?: Atlas
Marine cleared in Fallujah killing: JWF

The Geography of Wind: TigerHawk
Government Schools Win Again: AT (Brown)
China's One Child Policy Creates Sociological Nightmare: Morrissey

Marvin Webster, an NBA eraser, dead at 56: BlackPlanet
Techmeme founder: MSM == hypocritical weasels: CNet
Camaro FAIL: El Camepador

Scipio, The End of the Affair:

We are at that point reached by the Roman Republic during the last years of its existence (133-30 BC) before becoming an empire. Our present ills can be found there as well: a weakening of the ancient faith, massive political corruption, a lawless senate, rampant divorce, birth control and abortion among the ruling classes, an economic system that expropriated wealth from the provinces to concentrate it at the capital, teeming masses of foreigners and a host of potential dictators eating their way through the Roman state. To put the matter simply, Rome became ungovernable. It took military intervention, civil wars and the foundation of a permanent dictatorship to bring back economic and political stability. More than likely such will be our own fate.

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