Monday, April 13, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Not a distraction, but a portent

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How the rescue happened: Blackfive
Noted - Americans (Re)United for Change: Mudville Gazette
Incredible Shrinking Market Liquidity: Zero Hedge

Obama's Chronic Nausea: Swirsky
The PBS and Al Jazeera Partnership: Fox News
Ayn Rand's interview with Mike Wallace: ECR

Russia goes from bad to worse: AT (Zigfield)
Another $13.4B down the tubes: Gateway
It's Sunday, do you know where your Governor is?: Riehl

Tom Wolfe's lack of Southern White Guilt: iSteve
AP-Obama Lovefest Reignited: LegalIns
Somali pirates seek revenge: Flopping Aces

California's anti-tax crusaders talk revolt: Reuters
Chicago CAIR rushes to defend accused child killer: JWF
A Potemkin military reception: Error Theory

The Moderate Terrorist and Other Fairy Tales from the Party of Change: AT (Guanipa)
Dobbs: Olbermann a medicated, left-wing hack: Sheppard
Why are Liberal Doughboys Afraid of Tea Parties?: LegalIns

Obama Reaches Out to 'Moderate' Pirate Community: Exurban
How to turn your car into an unstoppable murder machine: Divide By Zero
Has the Death Star's Countdown reached 0:01?: Daily Galaxy

Not a distraction, but a portent: Steyn

So many distractions, aren’t there? Only a week ago, the North Korean missile test was an “annoying distraction” from Barack Obama’s call for a world without nuclear weapons and his pledge that America would lead the way in disarming. And only a couple of days earlier the president insisted Iraq was a “distraction” — from what, I forget: The cooing press coverage of Michelle’s wardrobe? No doubt when the Iranians nuke Israel, that, too, will be an unwelcome distraction from the administration’s plans for federally subsidized daycare, just as Pearl Harbor was an annoying distraction from the New Deal, and the First World War was an annoying distraction from the Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s dinner plans.

If the incompetent management driving the New York Times from junk status to oblivion wished to decelerate their terminal decline, they might usefully amend their motto to “All the News That’s Fit to Distract.” Tom Blumer of Newsbusters notes that in the last 30 days there have been some 2,500 stories featuring Obama and “distractions,” as opposed to about 800 “distractions” for Bush in his entire second term. The sub-headline of the Reuters story suggests the unprecedented pace at which the mountain of distractions is piling up: “First North Korea, Iran — now Somali pirates.”

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