Monday, April 27, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Hey, the campaign's over!

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The West Coast Plot: An "Inconvenient Truth": Corner
The campaign's over, Obama; it's time to lead: ChiTrib (Kass)
Returning to original GOP principles: PJM (Florack)
Throwing those who guard us to the wolves: WklyStd (Kristol)
Murder charges for our SEALs?: DPGI
Madim Albright gets it all wrong: Sheik


State vs. Federal Power: WSJ
Obama wages war against the CIA: Thompson
Change: dismantling Union transparency: Times


Forget Nukes -- watch out for Economic War: Fox (Egan)
'No body, no proof, no problem': Real Torture: IIA
Now the Democrats want the border sealed: Hill
Averting the Caucasus Jihad: Moscow Times (Hahn)


Is TARP a criminal enterprise?: Luskin


Liz Cheney pummels MSNBC hack: Power Line
Civility and tolerance in the age of Obama: Malkin
Here's why Jon Stewart is a hack: PolClass


Report: First Android Netbook to cost $250: Crave
Real World Passwords: Schneier


Vee Haff Vays of Making You Talk: Parkway

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