Thursday, April 23, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Billions to ACORN, zero to DOD

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National Security

Inhofe: Obama slashing defense budget: Bixby
So long, F-22: Morrissey
Real torture in the UAE: LGF
Top Legislators Knew of Interrogations: Times
Napolitano must go: Allahpundit
Landmark Legal throws down the gauntlet: Levin (4/21/09)

International Affairs

World is Laughing at 100 Days of Failure: Greenroom
Ahmadinejad Hijacks Durban II: Kilgannon
President Borat Obama: PJM (Fleming)


Feinstein hubby's firm 'awarded' $25B in taxpayer funds: Times
Exclusive: ACORN: Can We Trust Anything They Say?: FSM

Energy and Climate

Eco-fuzzy math: Debunking a cap-and-trade debunking: Malkin
Blogger Investigates $27B Lawsuit Against Chevron: BMW


GE shareholders slam Olbermann, MSNBC: Gateway
GE: "...we can buy your level of incompetence for a hell of a lot less": MoneyRunner
Failed radio hack fails on MSNBC, too: Equalizer


Email: still the one for developers: LinuxNews


Kitco Metals bans personal opinions on gay marriage: Langberg
Miss CA and Obama share the same views on gay marriage: Brutally Honest

"The left has whined about McCarthyism for more than fifty years, yet it does not hesitate to apply McCarthyite tactics, ruining careers with ideological litmus tests, when an individual's views do not conform to left wing... dogma." -- JJC, in a letter to Kitco Metals.

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