Friday, April 10, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Recession be damned!

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The Shamnesty Distraction: Malkin
Dems move to legalize illegals: Gateway
Full steam ahead on amnesty -- despite recession: Ace

Understanding the financial crisis: Reason TV
The President has become a divisive figure: WSJ
Message from the left: Shut up.: Kerplunk

ABC hawks anti-gun agenda: Examiner
300,000 enslaved in Dubai: Eye
Kooks, Blue State Republicans, ...: RS McCain

2012: Belmont Club
Deer in the headlights: AmerDig
JournoList getting their flirt on: Red State

Pushing immigration reform during a recession?: Morrissey
GOP Gang of three rediscover fiscal conservatism too late: Sheppard
Does the AP know how its own YouTube channel works?: CNet

Almost lifelike Kim Jong-Il reappears, wins upset election: JWF
Geometry and Diplomacy: GM's Place
What went wrong for Republicans?: Response39

"That's your bloody free speech zone": Levant
Lurch calls for Pirate Hearings: JWF
Obama Bows, Koh Suffers: LegalIns

Olbermann-Turley Hilarity on Surveillance: YouTube
Awesome: Saddam was forced to watch South Park, The Movie: Jawa
Iowahawk Council of Automotive Advisors: Iowahawk

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