Monday, July 06, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Palin versus the Pundits

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Sick in America: 'Free' Is Good?: ABC News
Palin vs. Pundits: AT (Wright)
Marines fighting Taliban led by... Gitmo alum: Prairie

'Dodd Continues To Mislead People About... His Irish Property': JWF
3,500 turn out for St. Louis Tea Party: GWP
Sotomayor and ACORN: AT (Moran)

Health Care Stagecraft: Power Line
That Troublesome Constitution: CharFox
Consistently wrong for 25 years: Commentary (Rubin)

Biden admits that administration lied about Stimulus: Strata
Independence Day vs. Dependence Day: CharFox


Some numbers. Large numbers: Dinocrat
Stimulayoffs: where are the jobs?: GOPleader
Russia, India Question Dollar Before G-8 Summit: Bloomberg

A Goldman Trading Scandal?: Reuters
The Work Week: A Troubling New Trend: Provocateur
Dumbest VP of all-time: "We misread economy": AT (Moran)

Real homes of genius: Culver City: Dr. Housing Bubble

Climate & Energy

NCDC talking points vs. Anthony Watts: Watts
NYC has 'coolest June since 1958': National Weather Service
A century of global warming disappers in 2009: Strata


Liberal blogs lie again; no Palin investigations: Macsmind
Ignored By Media, Palin's Accomplishments Extensive: GWP
MSM ignores GM, Chrysler fail-outs: NewsBusters

Limbaugh: Establishment 'Scared To Death Of Palin: Equalizer
Powell can't help himself: NewsBusters
Blue on Blue violence: HuffPo vs. WaPo: CNN

MSM's latest crap: Cuba 7th happiest country on Earth: GWP
MSM coverage of Tea Parties: Instapundit
The lies exist to justify the hate: BruHon


Honduras: Blood in the Streets (Pics): Abandoned
Report: U.S. to block Iran sanctions at G8 summit : Haaretz
King Obama Wants to Bypass Senate Ratification of U.S.-Russia Arms Treaty : JWF

Blogging From Tegucigalpa: LegalIns
Refusing to see evil clearly: Corner
Reuters Runs Staged Photo Of Bloody Honduran Protester: LegalIns


Starry Night at Mount Rushmore: American Digest
PPC Agencies Make 45X What SEOs Do for the Same Value: SEOmoz
Coffee may reverse Alzheimer's: BBC


Medical First: Watching Effects of Hi-Carb Food on Arteries: INN
Deep question o' the day: Sondrak
While the Paleos find new ways of breaking bones, Israelis find ways to grow them: INN

Quote o' the day: "We don’t know about you, but we find it creepy that an American President gave a 751-word, Fourth of July address without once mentioning the words “freedom” or “liberty” or even the American Revolution." -- Dinocrat

Not to mention "limited government"... though he did mention "American workers", saving the planet through carbon cap-and-trade and nationalizing health care.

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