Sunday, June 10, 2012

Obamonopoly, the most exciting board game you'll never get to play


You can now stop wondering why there have never been any investigations, or trials, or imprisonments of those behind the housing meltdown and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Background reading:
Real Clear Politics: The ACORN Obama Knows
Sweetness & Light: ACORN and the Mortgage Crisis
William J. Clinton: Remarks to the National Association of Home Builders
New York Post: The Real Scandal
Jammie Wearing Fool: Obama and Fannie Mae
Ace o' Spades: Unidentified bus runs over Franklin Raines
The Root Cause (of the Mortgage Crisis)


Anonymous said...

DR scores again.

Another masterpiece, perfectly displaying with artistic brilliance another Democratic Partisan Fiasco - which we are all paying for...

The Clinton Administration was a perfect symbol of the DNC Titanic, and now we have an even more vivid stain on the Washington Dress, with the Pelosi, Reid, Obama (DNA) disaster.

Bubba and Hillary made a fortune exploiting Public Service, it is the ultimate drive for Democrats.

Rangel and those robbing Americans blind in the old Democratic Partisan Machine are laughing all the way to the Bank, while they tell Americans "food stamps" are the best form of STIMULUS.

And Drudge is wondering where Hillary is on the Campaign trail? The "smart power" State Department is a joke - that swindle is turning out just as ugly.

Remember when she was telling Americans the Democrats are going to have to "take things away" from us for the "common good"?

Waging War on the Chamber of Commerce now?

What a shock...

Rodger the Real King of France said...